"Vi leier en bil."

Translation:We are renting a car.

July 31, 2017



I hate autocorrect, I wrote car and it got turned into cat


The program rejected "we rent an auto."


The use of "auto" to mean "car" in English is chiefly attributive: "Samantha owns an auto dealership." "John is an auto mechanic." In my 26 years as an English speaker, I've never heard "auto" used to describe a car in this way ("we're renting an auto"), but I'm open to persuasion.


Luke, I think it is a regional thing. Like pop, soda & coke. For our wheels, we might say car, auto or ride. Or the specific type of conveyance to which we refer, for ex: pick-up, van, minivan, etc. I hope this helps & doesn't make it worse. ;-)


How exactly is "leier" pronounced? I said it like "liar" ,cuz that's what I heard, but the speaking exercise didn't like it. Omw. I forgot the headphones again...


Shouldnt "we rented a car" also work? Or is there a specific way to tell whether its past tense like adding ___ed in English?

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