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Bots still gone?

Where did the bots go? I loved using those guys. Someone said that they were on abreak for re-tooling, but it has been close to two momths. Any indication as to when they will return?

August 1, 2017



I miss the bots too! can't find any info about it and can't do bots on the iphone nor the ipad app:(


Where are the boys?


I was did bot exercises just last week and then over the weekend they disappeared :( I sent duo a tweet but no response either :( I miss the bots


I was using the French bots up until last week, now they are gone!!:(


Mine disappeared after the crown system update.


Mine too! Although now I've noticed they're incorporated some of the bot exercises into the learning tree. It's not the same as before though - I prefer the old format and I don't know when it appears exactly


I still have bots. Did one just yesterday, in fact (a new one). Another A/B test?


The bots are in the app, I just did a few on my phone yesterday and today.


The last one I did was Duo Autos Locations in June, but ever since I filled up the bars no new ones have come like they used to. Any ideas?


I was getting new bots almost every day and they've suddenly stopped for two weeks now. Does anyone know if the premium version has them still?


I have premium, but no bots, either on iOS or Android.

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