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"The textbook for that class is very thin."


August 1, 2017



Where's the verb?


That's what I was wondering. Where is "des?"


the predicate of the sentence is 薄い。


Uhg. Let's see, です is not a verb first of all. です is a copula. This coupled with a noun, they form a predicate in a sentence, for example, 「これは教科書です。」"This is a textbook".

However 薄い is not a noun is an i-adjective, and i-adjectives are a special kind of predicate in Japanese grammar, they already have a copula built-in, which is the い at the end. That word 薄い already expresses the state of being, is an adjective but a verbal kind of adjective, if you say「これは薄い。」that would mean "this is thin", including the "IS" part. You don't need です or だ for that.

Even then you would ask, why is です added after i-adjectives in some sentences? well, that's only done to softening the statement done by the adjective. です at the end of i-adjectives is an exception and is only done for politeness' sake.

「その授業の教科書はとても薄い。」is the plain non-polite form of→


Does that make sense?


Yes, that does make sense indeed. Thank you very much!


Tyrant shoots and scores yet again


Wow that's some complex grammar (for me) explained very well. I suspect i will have to revisit this whole predicate area again though. I bet next time i will be scratching my head again


You can omit the desu if you wanna be informal


Can somebody explain to me why using ほそい is marked wrong? :/


ほそい is used for rounded things, such as people. It's closer to 'slender' or 'skinny', being the opposite of fat (ふとい), whereas うすい is just thin, opposite of thick (あつい).


I thought books were an exception since they used to be rolled up paper back in the day.


If you see a rolled up book, then go ahead and say 細い本. I've only seen those flat kind of books as far as I remember.


why is the です missing?


い adjectives don't require the です at the end of the sentence. It's only used to be more polite


Can i use 教室 instead of 授業?


I believe that 教室 (きょうしつ) is specifically the classroom - the location - as opposed to the broader concept of a class.


there should be 2 の's in the words to choose from but there is only 1


The hints are rubbish in this lesson.

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