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When Will TinyCards Come To The Android Play Store?

TinyCards has been out for about a year now.

I'm grateful that I can go on the mobile website on my phone and try it there now, but it's such a hassle. First world problems, I know, but I even use the Duolingo app, not the online mobile website. I'm sure anyone who uses the app(s) can agree that it's disappointing to not have all the features right away. It's even more frustrating when it's okay for one group of people to have accessibility to it. Apple products have the TinyCards app, but Android doesn't.

I mean truthfully, all that the Android App has gotten these past two years are ads, clubs, and new languages. Not so bad, but compared to the Apple App, it's just so disappointing. Honestly, the best thing about having the Android App is not having Health & Gems yet, because all I've heard is bad reviews.

I know lots of app users that are still waiting for Tips & Notes, Sentence Discussions (at least on the Apple App), Duolingo Bots (Android App), etc.

But TinyCards is already an app and it's just another thing that Android users don't get. We Android users literally got advertisements and clubs first. I'm glad to be supporting Duolingo, but we haven't gotten much out of it.

IDK, I still love Duolingo, thank you for everything, but please give us Android Users what we have wanted for over a year now.

If there's more difficulty to it, like getting it approved and stuff by Google Play, then that makes sense. I'm trying to be patient and I'm excited for all these new things, but you guys already have a lot of things going for you guys that aren't even in the apps yet or aren't even available on some devices. I'm glad there's more coming, but what's already here isn't even available everywhere, which is just upsetting and seems overboard.

I don't mean to like say, stop working on new stuff altogether, but do realize that there's a lot to handle already that would be just as great to give to app users on most devices.

Thank you, that's all for now.

August 1, 2017


[deactivated user]


    There are more android users than apple, come on, don't leave us in the dark.

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