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"Mein Mann sammelt diese Blumen."

Translation:My husband collects these flowers.

August 1, 2017



My man collects these flowers. Das right, my man!


everyone here is not seeing the forest for the trees the point is 'collects' is the wrong verb to use for 'gathering' or 'picking' flowers. nobody 'collects' them


Mizinamo is indeed authoritative. I give all credence to his/her answers, and always hope to see something from him/her when I'm puzzled. But I agree that this response seemed a bit cranky. I am far from fluent in German but i do happen to understand the sentence " Was bedeutet das?"


Is it just me or should My man gathered these flowers, also be a valid translation?


mein Mann means "my husband".


Ok but my man could also mean husband in English i don't understand why it's counted wrong. Duolingo used to count it correct idk


Literally 'Mein Mann' can translate as my man but if it is in German then 'Mein Mann' must be referring to My Husband. I don't think the English slang of 'my man' as in 'my old man' counts in German. It means My Husband in German just as 'Meine Frau' means My Wife not my woman. It is not about slang in other languages, it is about what that phrase means in German.


I certainly have heard husbands (or male partners) being referred to as 'My Man' in English (infrequent UK use). But I would completely understand that in the context of 'My Man collects these flowers', it is referring to one's husband and not a man in their possession.


How would you say in German: "My man collects flowers." This is a legit sentence as someone can say that without being legally married to someone. And what is the purpose of word "Ehemann" when Mann can easily replace it?


I cannot say "my man" and not "my husband" ? Mah ... in many languages my man is the same of my husband. Not in German ?


I have heard humans use the combination my man to reefer to their maried partner


maybe her husband is a botanist and collects flowers. I PICK flowers for my wife.


That's what I thought. Duo doesn't accept, picking, only, collecting.

[deactivated user]

    I would have thought that 'gathers' would be acceptable.


    The Queen at the start of Cymbeline Scene Five:

    Weil noch der Thau liegt , sammelt diese Blumen ; Rarch ! Wer bat das Verzeichniß ?

    Whiles yet the dew's on ground, gather those flowers; Make haste: who has the note of them?


    I don't agree with the English sentence here. Who would say "My husband collects these flowers" as a native speaker? It is a literal translation. Works fine in German, but clunky in English and should be "the" not these. (or at least be a correct option)


    I can easily see a context for it. The husband is a botanist, or an enthusiast for just one type of flower? i have a neighbour who collects pelargoniums!


    Agreed. You do not collect flowers, you pick them and this is a valid translation according to this dictionary entry:


    Reported 1 July 19


    Many (some) people collect flowers and then place them into some kind of scrapbook. According to a site I found it is an addiction for some people.



    You are obviously not an English speaker... It's just a simple sentence...


    Sammelt? Was bedeutet das?


    English people pick flowers rather then gather them


    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may


    oh c'mon, 'my man' is not correct?


    I think "my man" should be correct.. I know it usually means my husband, but in English it is also correct to say my man


    Why is a guy saying this


    As with any of the other sentences the teacher reading the sentence to you can be either gender.

    [deactivated user]

      'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.....'


      these or those flowers


      diese Blumen = these flowers

      die Blumen = those flowers (or also: these flowers)


      What is the word to describe.... my man collects these flowers as against my husband collects these flowers? Say they are not married, yet there some sort of possession.


      who 'collects' flowers

      do you mean 'gathers these flowers'

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