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What are duo userscripts?

August 1, 2017



They are javascript add-ons for your browser that enhance or alter the behavior of Duolingo. Since the web rewrite many of them are broken. As the name suggests, they are written by various members of the Duolingo community.



Is that the thing Duo put up a notice saying they would ban users for using them??


I don't think they will ban someone from using them because they are changes to your browser and AFAIK do not change anything on the Duo servers. Having said that they are not resposible for supporting them and if Duo changes their servers then it is down to the individual authors to make any necessary changes to your browser to cater for these changes.


Duo will ban users from using malicious scripts or scripts that negatively impact their servers. The ones listed in the wiki should be safe to use but they are not guaranteed.

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