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Peur bleue??


just reading something and came across the phrase 'peur bleue.'

Does it mean terrified??

Also, how does one use the phrase??

Thank you

August 1, 2017



"une peur bleue" refers to a very important level of fear. It's still used in everyday French. The expressions mentionned by Prénom Pierre are over-familiar so be careful using those.

Il a failli me tuer, j'ai eu une peur bleue! = He almost killed me, I was scared stiff!


can it also be used as 'j'ai un peur bleue' as in I have a fear of/ i a terrfied of ?

I read this sentence somewhere: 'J’ai une peur bleue de l’ennui.' So does that mean I have a fear of boredom/ I am terrified of boredom???


Yes of course. J'ai une peur bleue des chiens = I am terrified by dogs (basically means you've a phobia in this context)

Hope it's clear enough


"to be scared stiff" says the dictionnary.

Nowadays, young people prefer to say "flipper" or "flipper à mort" or "avoir la trouille de sa vie". I don't know if young people say "j'ai eu une peur bleue", the expression seems somewhat obsolete or literary.

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