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  5. Noooo streak come back!!


Noooo streak come back!!

I lost my almost 800 day streak because the lessons I did over unfamiliar wifi somehow didn't save!!! cryface I feel like a dunce. I noticed that you can pay $20 to restore your streak which feels a bit weird to me- anyone ever done that?

Send hugs

August 1, 2017



I'm so sorry that happened! 800 days is an awesome record. You might check out and up vote this discussion started by PapilioMortis from 2 days ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23758426 ( I personally would not spend that amount of money to save a streak but if someone would want to for thier own reasons that's cool and it would help Duolingo : )


Ah interesting! Thanks for the link. I'm also not sure why I can't use allllllll these useless lingots to restore a streak. I mean I guess it doesn't mean anything at the end of the day, but still!


Yeah I hear you!


Such an awful thing to happen. Unfortunately, it is one of those things you may just have to "let go of". $20 is better spent on an iced kaffee or a good book. Your legend will live on in your mind (and ours). You know the amazing job you did and that's all that matters. Hugs!


Haha true! I wouldn't spend the $20- I was curious if others had though. :-)


I feel your pain!

I lost a 1340 days streak. The streak freeze didn't save me at all and I thought that the Duolingo team wouldn't help me so I decided to not send an email. It was awesome to achieve such a streak but everything comes to an end someday. It doesn't matter anymore to me I only want to keep learning my languages and start the Japanese course when they release it to web platform.


that's my fear when i travel overseas...


You're very right, it doesn't matter as much as the work. Still though- 1340 streak!!! :)


This is the date of my streak's end:

4 Isrianth (1406, 2017-07-09)


We must keep going! :)


Kat, es tut mir leid. That hurts. :) Chris


I know right? sobs


Sorry to hear that! Maintaining a streak has been a good incentive for me to keep practicing and when I lost my streak it was a huge disappointment, but I remind myself the important thing is the knowledge. That's what its really all about. Good luck maintaining the streak you're on now!


You're right! :)


I am very sorry. If i were you I will pay.


That hurts, losing such a long streak!

Here are some tips to prevent your streak in the future.

Losing a streak is a common complaint from people, who .......

  • use the Duolingo App
  • use an outdated operating system or an outdated browser.

Workaround for the App
Always check if your phone/tablet had synchronised with the Duolingo servers after doing a lesson. Sometimes it can take 5-10 minutes after finishing a lesson in the App.

  • have Duolingo's web version always open in the browser of your phone/tablet
  • set this browser in Desktop mode
    (maybe not possible in an iOS phone with a small screen)
  • refresh your browser after each lesson in the App, and check if the amount of XP increased in Duolingo's web version.
  • Set your daily goal to 10XP, in case of an unreliable wifi.

  • Check every day if your streek freeze is still equipped.

  • Attention:
    A streak freeze starts protecting on the day after its purchase:
    it's only an insurance for the future, it's not a free pass for the same day!
    You can read more information in the two comments of moderator jrikhal in this discussion:


I didn't know this- thank you! The info about the streak freeze is VERY useful.


"A streak freeze starts protecting on the day after its purchase:"

is this accurate? I lost a 70 day streak last year and took a long break from duolingo after losing my streak but back then I successfully used streak freezes to get a free same day pass on multiple occasions. Did this change?


A week ago, Moderator jrikhal wrote it in this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23613189

Maybe it is an so-called A/B test of Duolingo, where some people are able to use a streak freeze to get a "free same day pass on multiple occasions".
Beware: Duolingo's staff can suddenly change a feature! Have always a streak freeze equipped in advance.


Oh interesting. My streak freeze did nothing for me so I think you may be right about the a/b versions.


That's really gotta sting. That's over two years of a streak and honestly amazing. I can see why you feel the way you do, I'd feel the same way if I were to lose such an amazing streak like that. Also, I don't think you should spend $20 just to restore your streak. But then again, it is your money and you can decide how to spend it.


I didn't! I was just surprised that was even an option- and that you can't use lingots to do something like that. Oh well :)


Huh, that really is interesting, honestly. I've never tried to bring my streak back as I never got a long one... probably about a week at the most, but I lose motivation easily. Due to this, I never even knew it was an option. Oh well.


Ha! Now I am better! >:- )


hugs to you!!!!!!!!! i will also give a lingot :)


Haha aw thank you but I have 5000 lingots that won't save a streak! lol. I gave some too :)


:-D I think Lingot Make Me lazy, BTW: I'm Sorry for your loss streak and admire you. The only important thing, what you cant lost easy is the knowledge you earned in here <3

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