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Is there an easy way to remember German words?

I keep forgetting a lot of them, is there a way to stop doing this? Like a jingle or repeating it?

August 1, 2017



Use flashcards. Either make them yourself, or use a flashcard app like Memrise.

Memrise even has a course with all of the words from Duo's German course.

Flashcards are by far the most time-efficient method for memorising vocabulary.


I agree with the Memrise recommendation. It's a great additional tool.


Some are like English words with similar meanings. This gives you a learning edge.


I remember difficult words by linking their colours things related to the word for example schwach is light beige and slightly yellow which is what colour a weak sickly person might be and Schwach means weak


Try to make associations with your native languages or make some sticky notes and put them on your fridge and whenever you go to your kitchen you'll see them there and remember them.


Use tinycards. They help me. Otherwise just practise :D


Make sure to know Swedish when learning German and you won't have this problem since the languages have common roots and many words are similar enough to be easily decipherable. ;)


building bridges and stories would be helpful, as we say in German "Eselsbrücken". Draw a picture and go along a path. It does not depend on right or wrong, its only for your recognition, such as in crowd/❤❤❤❤❤. So if you hear "Erdbeere" (strawberry) think of berry=bear and picture a bear digging in the dirt (Erde). It's only an example, but maybe you got the picture.

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