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Lesson Practice Bar Not Updating

As another user noted in this thread ( http://duolingo.com/#/comment/173083 ), the Practice bar for each lesson seems to be stuck on one of four gold points, no matter how much I use that function. I'm learning Spanish only, so I don't know if it's restricted to that language.

Appreciate all you guys and gals do. Thanks :D

March 8, 2013



Are you seeing this for skills where you haven't completed all the lessons?


No. For example, on Spanish Basics 1, I've completed the lessons and done the translation to "Master" that level, but the blue Practice bar only has 1 gold notch, and it doesn't matter how many times I use it to practice, my level never gets higher.


We're taking a look. Thanks for more info!


I have encountered this problem as well. I assume I have completed a lesson and when I log back in, it looks like I didn't finish the lesson.


I am having the same problem! Its frustrating as I want my whole branch to be gold, so I have gone back through to try to complete everything fully (even though it had previously said T had mastered it) Only to come back on today and see that the gold bars are not getting any bigger...or even shrinking? Does this happen if I dont use duolingo for a few days?

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