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What is the max number of lessons you managed to reinforce in a single day?

I'm new to the forums, so sorry if I got anything wrong here.

August 1, 2017



On a really boring shift, a long train journey or sick in bed, I have managed as many as 70 on a single day. Generally, however, my average is more 15-20.

Btw, it's usually nicer if your title is an actual title and you take a little more time to explain your question in the actual text of your post. You could, for example, include the reason why you're asking or elaborate whether you ask for realistic numbers or the absolute extreme people have ever managed.


At least 30. It could have been much more, it's not like I was really counting.


I can do quite a bit in a day. Unfortunately, I never counted. I try not to do too much of the same language or my brain will just be much and I won't remember much anymore.


Not sure, never counted them. If I do a lot during the day it's probably around 30. I never do all of it at once though, I do it here and there throughout the day, which helps me more than sitting there for 2 hours doing lessons.


Yesterday was a very slow day - nothing to do BUT Duolingo. I did 190 lessons (1900 XP) to push me over the line for level 25 in Swedish. Yes, it was a verrrry slow day; no, there was nothing else for me to do; yes, my brain was mush at the end of the day.

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