August 1, 2017

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Apparently in Romanian varsă is a curse word... My friend said it when he burned his hand.


Haha, not really. First, it is varză (cabbage) not varsă (he/she/they spill(s)). Then, yeah, it is used in slang to denote a soft or useless thing or person or a coward, or some tired or exhausted feelings, or a messed situation, similar to English "b'u'l'l's'h'!'t", or the military "f'u'b'a'r" (the apostrophes are to avoid the parser substitution of "bad words" with smileys). (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_military_slang_terms). Think boiled cabbage leafs, they become soft and taste of nothing. For example, when you arrive home from work late in the evening and are exhausted and want nothing else than take a shower and go to bed, you can say "Sunt varză" (I am cabbage), or if your interlocutor knows nothing about the subject but he still wants to explain it to you, you can tell him "Ești varză!" (you are cabbage, i.e. silly, out of topic, etc), or if you watch a MMA fight and one guy beats the sheep out of the other, you can say "L-a făcut varză!" ([he] made him cabbage / he made cabbage out of him). Same way, if you watch a football match and some player does nothing on the field, you can say that he is "varză" (useless).
Edit: if your friend got his hand burned by spilling some hot liquid or steam on it, he actually may have said something related to "vărsat/a vărsa" (spilled/to spill), which was no curse, but just some angry exclamation or explanation of the fact.

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