"Can I get a knife?"


August 1, 2017

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Isnt there a better word for knives in general? I used to work at a restaurant that had Japanese knives and they had a million different names for the different shape of knives. They dont have a general word that doesn't come from English?


we have plural words what have meaning as 'knife'. But the word 'ナイフ' is very natural in Japanese. It is called a 'ナイフ' what is used with a fork at the time of Western meal.

Besides there is the word '包丁/ほうちょう'. it is used to cut meat, fish and vegetables when cooking. We cut fruit by'ほうちょう' as well. But we also use the knife for cutting fruit. It is smaller than 'ほうちょう'. It is called 'ナイフ'.


"Can I get a knife?"

Not until you've learned some manners.

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