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For those who enjoy J.R.R Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"...

We've been shown that franchises such as Star Trek can earn a language course here on duolingo. I myself am a fan of J.R.R Tolkien's classics and cannot help but think of the diverse languages and cultures in the books. Tolkien went through a lot of trouble explaining the languages of the different races in the appendecies of the books, so I believe a language course for elvish would not be asking too much. Thanks to everyone who puts so much effort into contributing to all the different languages here, and shout out to everyone who agrees with me. And yes, I know I'm a nerd! Thnx!

August 1, 2017



We already have the language on which Tolkien based Sindarin. Learn that while you wait. :)


Sadly we still do not have a course in the language upon which Tolkien based Quenya, however. This inconsistency really needs to be put right...



I think that works.


That would be awesome! After having a High Valyrian course here, it would be very nice to have other invented languages like Elvish or Klingon, but, I believe that will take a long time, cause I don't know if there are fluent speakers. Cause if J.R.R. Tolkien created those languages, and nobody else knows it, then there would not be any speakers alive.


The Klingon course is in progress, at least.


And the High Valyrian course is here, so that's a good start.


Tolkien was a philologist and university professor of Literature and English. I know that he created his wonderful universe language writings, but in that time, there was not adaptations into cinema or TV from his works. Thus, a course of Middle-Earth languages necessarily would have Tolkien's writings and someone else's sounds and pronunciation elements.


To be fair, the Northmen of Rhovanion spoke Gothic (or at least a language based off of it). Tolkien was very well educated in the Gothic language and used it for placenames and people names in Rhovanion just as he used Anglo-Saxon for Rhohirric, the language or Rohan.

A language he developed called "Taliska" is also said to have been based, at least grammatically, off of Gothic. Tolkien also wrote a poem called Bagmē Blōma, which showcases his amazing skill not only in the language but also in poetry in general.

So for what it's worth, if Gothic is added, as I very much hope it will be someday (and I would love to develop it with my academic peeps!), it will, by default be adding a (very, very obscure) Tolkien language too! ;)


Orcish is where its at.


That would be really cool! You should look into that.


Thanks for responding so quickly! I'll definitly look into it!


Fun, fun, fun! I'm a huge fan as well. I've read the books god knows how many times. That would be very cool if 'Lingo could do that.

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