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De vs Des trouble

During the course I've encountered the sentence "There are prettier zones" which translates into:

Il y a des zones plus jolies

but it turns out I could also write it like that (at least according to Duo):

Il y a de plus jolies zones ("de" instead of "des")

Can anyone explain why do I have to switch from "des" to "de" while shifting the word order?

August 1, 2017



Most of the time in French, we put the adjective after the noun «il y a des pommes rouges» (there are red apples), «il y a des zones sombres (there are dark zones)». However, this rule has some exceptions, which you may or may not know: this includes a BANGS rule. Any time the adjective is one of the following categories, we can put before the noun:






When we do this for plurals, des becomes de. Jolie (lovely) covers beauty, while sombre (dark) doesn't cover any of the above categories.

Il y a des zones sombres. Il y a de jolies zones.


There is a list of adjectives in French that require "de" be used when the plural form of the adjective is placed before a plural noun. I'm at work and don't have my French textbook to give you the list, but here are a few of them: beaux/bels/belles, nouveaux/nouvels/nouvelles, vieux/vieils/vieilles. Jolies is also one of them.


J'ai des ordinateurs.

J'ai de vieux ordinateurs.

J'ai des lampes rouges.

J'ai de vieilles lampes rouges.


Right, but you have to write "j'ai de vieux ordinateurs" (un vieil objet mais de vieux objets)


Thanks. I've made the correction.

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