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Dual languages

Anyone trying 2 languages at the same time? Wondering if it's a way to conquer both, or maybe slowing up progress

August 2, 2017


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Over the years, I found that a combination of the 9 points, outlined in the reference below, works for me. Regards, Daniel.



A method that works best for me is to learn a skill for each course (in the Swedish course, the French course and its reverse tree) and then review it for the next few days. Initially, my plan was to learn a row of skills a day, but working on multiple courses at once slows that down a little.

Since everyone works at their own pace (it really depends for which language you're leaning as well), a different strategy might be better and more effective for you than for me.


I study both German and French, and usually I learn the language I feel like I want to learn at that moment. That way I'm not getting bored from the studying because I always study what I want.

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