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  5. "四時です。"


Translation:It's four o'clock.

August 2, 2017



Is the ん from 四 prounounced very subtly or not pronounced at all? I was hoping to know how a tokyo go-er will usually pronounce it.


Numbers can have different pronunciations. When used in the context of time, the ん from よん is dropped so you say 'yo ji' instead of 'yon ji'. Similar cases:

9 o'clock is くじ 7 o'clock is しちじ


Are those cases really similar? One could probably say that some part of きゅう is dropped that results in く, but I find it doubtful https://jisho.org/word/%E4%B9%9D

But what part of what is dropped that results in しち? https://jisho.org/word/%E4%B8%83


My textbook says ku is correct way of saying it.

I think it's even in genki that way, but I'm not to sure.

With shi hi, he means instead of Nana pronunciation.


It was not clear what is similar between 4, 7 and 9. Now I see that the meant similarity was not in dropping ん, but in different pronunciation.


Yes. Just memorize the hours. This is standard Tokyo way of pronunciation. May see some differences in other parts of Japan (I am not sure). Same for duration of hours.

  • いちじ 1:00 / いちじかん 1 hour
  • にじ 2:00 / にじかん 2 hours
  • さんじ 3:00 / さんじかん 3 hours
  • よじ 4:00 / よじかん 4 hours
  • ごじ 5:00 / ごじかん 5 hours
  • ろくじ 6:00 / ろくじかん 6 hours
  • しちじ 7:00 / しちじかん 7 hours
  • はちじ 8:00 / はちじかん 8 hours
  • くじ 9:00 / くじかん 9 hours
  • じゅうじ 10:00 / じゅうじかん 10 hours
  • ひゃくじかん 100 hours
  • せんじかん 1000 hours
  • いちまんじかん 10000 hours

Just use the same rules with times ending with 4/7/9 e.g. 19:00 is じゅうくじ


I'm fairly certain 7 can be pronounced 2 ways in Japanese. なな and しち. Duolingo seems to teach なな but in the instance of time you would use しち. Don't quote me on that though.


Notice how it's 'yoji' in 四時, instead of 'yonji'. That is normal and it is an exception.


Would I normally say this or 十六時です(assuming it's the afternoon)?



十六時(じゅうろくじ) can be heard when you are in a train station from the announcer.


Would 四です work? Or is that oversimplifying and americanizing it?


That means 4, in general, as a number. The ji is for time, so taking it out would mean you're talking about the number.


I typed "4 o'clock" but it wasn't correct. Can you add my answer to the question, admin?


You have to write "It is" or "It's" before the time. The sentence is making a statement about what the time is, rather than just quoting a time.


I put in 04:00 and it was correct :v


I just found out that if you dont want it to tell you you're making a typo, you have to capitalize the "O" in o'clock. Kind of annoying to see that every time but whatever


The DL app is stripping apostrophes from provided button answers (e.g., "o" and " 'clock"), then reporting the lack of an apostrophe (answer stripped to "o clock") as a 'typo'.


Sorry Duolingo. My bad for typing 4 instead of four


Why is o'clock one word on iPhones and two words on Androids? Very annoying

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