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"Zahărul este dulce, untul este gras."

Translation:Sugar is sweet, butter is fat.

1 year ago



In English, we don't say the butter is fatty - we say the butter is fat.

1 year ago


No, I disagree. We do say fatty in English. "The butter is fatty" is more akin to "the butter is high in fat" or "the butter has a lot of fat in it" where as if you said "the butter is fat" you're more likely saying something like "that is a fat stick of butter." Not the same. Fatty is fine.

6 months ago


True, but in the options if you put your mouse on gras, it says fat or fatty would work. But fat does not work for some reason.

2 months ago


I included "the" for both items, and it said it was wrong. "Sugar is sweet, butter is fat"...which is actually how I would say it, haha...

3 months ago


This is in a lesson about the definite article and therefore should the sugar and the butter

3 weeks ago