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lost streak but achieved goal

Yesterday as I was doing my daily goal it was achieved only for me to wake up this morning with the striking realisation that it had been deleted. I payed the fees figuring what's $17.99 in comparison to the pride it gives me and the enthusiasm to wake up every morning to keep it going, but have also been left with the feeling that I have been ripped off for something that was out of my control.

I maintained this streak through 5 countries and a stint of 2 months in and out of hospital, to receive this mornings news was a real kick in the nuts.

I have contacted the Duolingo authorities with a complaint. It from what I have heard It is slim to none to get a reply from them let alone a refund.

Thank you duolingo for the app it's really fun but as I am now finding out it's like swimming in a sewer the amount of bugs within this app.

If there's any duo moderators on here I would enjoy a response regularising this complaint

August 2, 2017



Here are some tips to prevent your streak in the future.

Losing a streak is a common complaint from people, who .......

  • use the Duolingo App
  • use an outdated operating system or an outdated browser.

Workaround for the App
Always check if your phone/tablet had synchronised with the Duolingo servers after doing a lesson. Sometimes it can take 5-10 minutes after finishing a lesson in the App.

  • have Duolingo's web version always open in the browser of your phone/tablet
  • set this browser in Desktop mode
    (maybe not possible in an iOS phone with a small screen)
  • refresh your browser after each lesson in the App, and check if the amount of XP increased in Duolingo's web version.
  • Set your daily goal to 10XP, in case of an unreliable wifi.

  • Check every day if your streek freeze is still equipped.

  • Attention:
    A streak freeze starts protecting on the day after its purchase:
    it's only an insurance for the future, it's not a free pass for the same day!
    You can read more information in the two comments of moderator jrikhal in this discussion:


i get that some of you like the keep up the streak, but i dont see why every1 is panicing once they cant maintain a streak the goal is to turn the language aint it? anyway glad you have it back and hopefully some1 can fix it !


Did Duoling force you to pay the $17.99? Did they take your money and not repair your streak?


To your first question, in order to keep my streak I had to pay, that means I payed today. Once I payed I got my streak back. Make sense?


I had to pay to keep my streak going.


It looks like you got your streak back! I see you have a 305 day streak on my PC.

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