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  5. "un hamster, doi hamsteri"

"un hamster, doi hamsteri"

Translation:a hamster, two hamsters

August 2, 2017



Doua or doi what is the diffrence ? About the last letter of the word or something diffrent ?


două is feminine and doi is masculine. un hamster, doi hamsteri because the word hamster is masculine. In Romanian, nouns have genders: feminine, masculine, neutral (for neutral, the singular is masculine, while the plural is feminine, for instance wardrobe: un dulap (masculine), două dulapuri (feminine))


To do with the gender of the noun: Doua = feminine, doi = masculine


If a noun ends in 'a' or sometimes 'e' it is usually feminine.

Unfortunately a lot of times it's not that obvious


No difference in pronunciation?


Yes, there is a difference. "Hamsteri" ends in a faint "i" sound, but the main accent of this word is on the first syllable. It is also worth mentioning this word is separated into syllables ham-steri, and in the syllable "steri", the accent is on "e", not on "i". When you have the articulated word "hamsterii" (meaning "the hamsters"), the accent is going to be on "i". I hope this was clear enough.

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