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disappearing replies to discussions (again)

I am again encountering the phenomenon whereby I can see the number of replies to a thread but they are invisible unless I post something new to the thread, at which point I can read them again.

March 27, 2014



This happened to me too! (twice today)


Something mildly similar happens to me, but instead of replies being hidden, it's just the flags and streak flame next to someone's name.


I've had it that I can't see it unless I upvote the original post, but never had to comment.


it would be useful if you could post the link to the thread. or is it happening in every thread?


not all, but there were several. I'll have to go hunt them out.


I also don't seem to be able to delete an intrusive comment that someone has left on my stream, so help with that would be appreciated too.


I don't think I can delete comments from other users streams. Can you not delete them from your own stream? If it is abusive/against the guidelines you can always send and email to abuse@duolingo.com as well


For me, it's every thread, it's just random. The discussion appear with no answers at all, you vote up or down, and the messages come back.


mmm I seem to be able to see everything. Maybe email support?


This is happening to me too with this particular discussion- from my work and home computer - and I don't usually have problems viewing discussions.


Hi Luscinda, what operating system and browser are you using? That might help sort this out more quickly.

Mainly, my email notifications are missing content. It will be blank, or have a period. And sometimes when I click on an email notification, the Duolingo page does not load. I have to chop off the usual end code from the $ on in order to get it to work.


email notifications? I'm using Chrome at the moment but I don't think it makes a difference. We've had this before quite recently (generic 'we', lots of users were affected) and they figured it out and fixed it.


Yes, there's a problem with discussions, they are messy, we can't find them easily and when we find them, we don't see the whole thread of answers sometimes. For me, when I click on the votes arrow, the hidden messages always appear. For me: I'm now on windows, chrome, but sometimes in on other computers with linux.


That doesn't work for me, I actually have to post a dummy post to reveal the thread, even clicking a notification of a response. It's this phenomenon again. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2194086


Yes, it's annoying and very random, sometimes it's happen, sometimes not.

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