"It is a great joy for her."

Translation:C'est une grande joie pour elle.

August 2, 2017

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Can anyone explain why i would need to use the verb plaisir here? I used joie which is also one of the words that came up when you click on "joy."


"plaisir" isn't a verb, it's a noun. However "faire plaisir à" is a very common idiom in French which translates to "please someone".

"Ce cadeau me fait plaisir!" = "This present pleases me!" = "I'm very happy with this present!"

However, " C'est une grande joie pour elle." has a stronger meaning than "Ca lui fait plaisir"

Hope it's clear enough


Keep in mind that "une grande joie" is feminine and "un grand plaisir" is masculine.

If you incorrectly suggest "un grand joie," Duo can and will suggest that you use "plaisir" (or "bonheur") instead of correcting your article and adjective. The Duo algorithm is unpredictable in that sense.


Thank you! That makes tons of sense, it corrected me based on the article I used.


Why is "C'est une joie grande pour elle" marked as wrong?


Remember that the adjective "grand" goes before nouns.


When to say: grande joie and when to say joie grande?

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