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Je sais vs. Je connais

I know both mean I know, but is the any preference of either? How does one choose between je sais and je connais? Or do you pick whichever you want?

August 2, 2017



Sais is to have knowledge of something.
Connais is to be familiar with something.


Im fairly sure sais is for knowing something and comnais is for meeting someone


Well, it's a little more than just that. Savoir is more for facts, while connaitre tends to follow nouns.

Je sais parler français (I know how to speak French)

Tu sais que Nick est sorti ? Oui, je sais. (Do you know that Nick is out? Yes, I know.)

Tu sais pourquoi Nick est sorti? Non, je ne sais pas. (Do you know why Nick is out? No, I don't know.)

Je connais la langue française (I know the French language)

Je connais une bonne méthode pour apprendre le français (I know a good method for learning French)

Je connais un très bon supermarchè (I know a very good supermarket)

Je connais Nick (I know Nick)

Je m'y connais (An expression, for when you know a subject very well)

The best I can offer you is the video which taught me the difference, but it's entirely in French (with sub-titles). I stole a lot of the quotes from there. :D



Okay, thanks guys. So if someone says, for instance, "I am leaving tomorrow", so I would rather reply with Je sais as opposed to Je connais, right?


D'accord, merci!


Does anybody know why Tinycards doesn't help make this distinction? Thank you for your help everybody.

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