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Eine Minute Dunkel

Yesterday night I watched a film by Christoph Hochhausler titled "Eine Minute Dunkel". I enjoyed the movie, but I am puzzled by the title. At first I thought it would be "A dark minute" with a strange word ordering, then I looked up "Dunkel" and found out it is a noun as well as an adjective (i.e. Dunkel = Dunkelheit, even though it is neuter, not fem.).

I still don't understand why there is no genitive. Shouldn't it be Eine Minute Dunkels?

August 2, 2017



I would translate it as "one minute of darkness", which would go well with the description. All you see in the surveillance video is darkness


To me, it looks like the usual German construction for indicating a quantity of something, which doesn't use a genitive: eine Kiste Bier, eine Tasse Kaffee, ein Sack Reis, etc.



das Dunkel = the darkness

eine Minute Dunkel = one minute of darkness

eine Minute Regen etc. ... no genitive here (pont's answer is correct)


The naming is indeed unusual and I agree with your "Dunkels". The issue is, its a self created name and it has not to follow any rules, I guess "Dunkel" shall either mean a genitive, but maybe has the mistake on purpose or the name comes from something like "Es war eine Minute lang dunkel, dann ging die Sonne auf" some extraction where it was no genitive and then it got changed to the title.


The Wikipedia plot summary gives context for the title:

Da das Molesch belastende Überwachungsvideo zum Zeitpunkt der Tat „eine Minute Dunkel“ zeigt, so dass seine Tat nicht bewiesen ist, glaubt Kreil nicht daran, dass Molesch der Mörder ist.



Thanks, this makes a lot of sense. The reference to the complete sentence is very appropriate. Except the sun did not come up for the poor guy (the protagonist)

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