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Win iPads for your entire class!

Attention US & Canada K-12 Teachers:

The 2017 edition of the Duolingo classroom contest was just launched! To participate or learn more, go to contest.duolingo.com right now. Consider sharing the contest, if you know someone who might be interested!

Enter by September 3rd, 2017. Good luck to all participants :)

August 2, 2017



Hi Duolingo, I have a question about the eligibility for your back to school contest. I'm an English Language Development Teacher in California and I'm wondering what you meant when you wrote that "foreign" language teachers are eligible? Can't any language be foreign depending on what your perspective is and what language you learned first (or second, etc.?) I'm asking because I noticed a lot of teachers in California (myself included) who work with a lot of students who have immigrated to the US and are using Duolingo to support their students in learning English have entered the contest, and I just want to make sure our classrooms qualify. Also, just a thought, you may want to consider using the term "world language" or something else because "foreign language" can be offensive. -Annie "Eligibility: The Duolingo Back to School Contest (the “Contest”) is open only to Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers of foreign languages at a U.S. or Canada-based school"


Great feedback, anniebananapants - thank you! The contest page will be updated.

And yes, you are eligible to enter :) Thank you for all you do!


I think Duolingo is an amazing tool and I have used it for myself as I prepared for my current position here in Mozambique Africa. I wish this was open to people like me. We are a Canadian based organization working in rural Mozambique where less than 30% of women can even read. We are not only teaching them to read but to speak Portuguese which is a foreign language to them but is the language of business here.


I entered the contest, but the link sent to me from Duolingo sends me to a page on which the Vote button does not work. Just thought you guys may want to know in the event there is a glitch! Thank you so much for this opportunity for teachers & our students after already doing so much for our language learners!


Thanks for entering! Any chance that Facebook is blocked in your current location?

Voters must verify their votes through Facebook. Please feel free to try again from another location and email us at contests@duolingo.com if it still doesn't work.


Thanks senoritahunt! We are currently investigating what you have reported—if there is a glitch, it should be fixed in a jiffy, thank you for letting us know!


Hmmmm... the date above says to "Enter by September 23rd, 2017" but when I clicked the link it said that the contest was closed and that one needed to have entered by September 3, 2017.
Which is correct?


Very sorry for the typo (now corrected)! The information on the contest page is correct. The deadline for entry was September 3rd and the winning entry will be announced shortly. We hope you stay tuned for future contests and opportunities for educators :)


Oh rats. :o( Thanks for the quick response!


Thưa Admin , e k hiểu về cái này lắm. Theo e nghĩ nếu giờ chúng ta tạo lớp học trên duolingo schools này thì rất ít người tg!! Admin có thể giải thích rõ hơn về vấn đề này được k ạ?? E cảm ơn ^^


Admin người Mỹ bạn ạ. Muốn nói thì phải nói bằng tiếng Anh chứ?


Hi. I know this is really off topic but it would be nice if a admin could answer. When will you be making more moderators? Duo needs some. Can you explain these new changes for mods more clearly for me? I get confused. Thanks.

This is a post I made: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23732356


Admin, I do not know much about this. I think if we were to create this class on duolingo schools then there would be very few people. Admin can explain more about this problem ?? Thank you ^^


How do I edit what I wrote in the Ipad contest description?


Thanks for entering, Ambaumel! We do not currently have a way for you to edit your entry - sorry about that. We'll be sure to include this feedback for the future!


I turned in my description but I must not have seen where to share my description with others. How do I get friends to vote or where do we see what other's wrote to vote. I'm lost. :(


hello , how can i be a student in Germany class? thanks


thank you for all you do!

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