"Come now"

Translation:Njoo sasa

August 2, 2017

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How about kuja sasa?


It is still not accepted but definately correct.


Is 'njoo' a Tanzanian thing? Here in Nairobi, I always here people say things like 'Kuja hapa!' in the imperative form.

But according to the Duolingo tips, kuja is irregularly transformed to njoo. Can anyone explain?


They also use njoo at the coast in Kenya. But at least in Nairobi and the western parts of Kenya kuja, or in this case it could also be kujeni, are correct.


What if it were saying, "you all come now?" There should be two correct answers in Swahili.


Many English sentences that require "you" to be translated into Swahili have this problem. Most only the plural is currently accepted but there are some that only accept the singular. It's a pain.

At this stage I think it is going to take a long time to see the necessary corrections and additions made to the course. Too many reports, and the team are active Peace Corps members. Plus, being in beta they don't have as much control over the editing process.


How do they get Njoo from Kuja, to come?

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