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Learning Two Languages at Once

So I know normally it's recommended that you stick to one language at a time. But I was just wondering about your opinions on this situation:

So I'm learning Spanish and I now have a good grasp of Spanish. Now I'm just working on perfecting my listening skills and generally just understanding the language without thinking. Although I love Spanish I feel like I want to do something else and have started doing a bit of German. Considering they aren't really related to each other too much and (now it's the summer holidays) I have time, would you say it's recommended I just stick to Spanish? (Also, Spanish is definitely my main goal)

August 2, 2017



To learn to languages at once you can try what I'm doing, which is known as "laddering". Laddering is where you learn a new language from a learned language. So in your case you would start learning German from Spanish. I'm doing French from German and it's actually really improved my grammar and taught me some new words. Just keep in mind that you'll need a really good grasp of Spanish to avoid most frustration. I would say give it a try and see if you can do it. If you can, then you'll be pretty much learning 2 languages at once, just don't forget to practice Spanish on its own sometimes.


If you can handle it, do it. Everyone has their own abilities and limits of what they can do, especially when you factor in other things - like jobs/school/friends/etc.


Sometimes learning two languages can be helpful - you get a small break here and there from repetitive exercises. I enjoy learning Spanish, but every now and then I need to work on my other languages, and then I come back to Spanish with more enthusiasm (only short breaks tho). Other advice I can give you is something I've heard a lot of people on here say.... breaking parts of the day down (x language in the first part of the day, y language later in the day). If you have the time and dedication I think you'll enjoy the process. I would put the language you know better as the top priority, but a 2nd language doesn't hurt. It may just be that you have to try and see if it works for you.


Sounds generally you're at a good point to contemplate adding a second language. Spanish has largely moved from something you're working on as a beginner to something you can simply use as an ordinary part of life: watch things in Spanish for fun, get your news from Spanish-language websites and broadcasters; listen to podcasts in the car; get the Cadena SER app on your phone. I've heard particularly good things about the Spanish-German tree combinations. Sounds like you shouldn't have much trouble taking advantage of them.


Well,the last week i was learning german (is an awesome language),and now i am learning swedish. If you can,just do it. They are different language,so there is not problem with confuse the words.


I took Latin for two years in school, and recently decided to pursue Spanish on Duolingo.

I've already noticed Latin becoming MUCH more of a challenge for me. I've been forgetting how to decline nouns and conjugate verbs, and Spanish articles like "el" and "la" have been slipping into my Latin usage. It's not so much that I've forgotten vocabulary, but usage has become more tricky.

At the same time, I'm no longer taking Latin, so I have no way to reinforce these things I'm losing. If you can do it, go ahead. If you can't, just stick to Spanish. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to learn these other languages ever, but make sure you feel somewhat confident in Spanish, too.


Thanks, yeah Memrise is pretty cool


If you think you can spend twice as long studying, I would say go for it. If you don't want to spend twice as much time, you may want to wait until you're fluent in Spanish (unless you are fluent right now.)


I have three main ones I'm doing at the moment, Hungarian, Italian and German. I never have issues with mixing them up, and I don't really have the time management issue because it's my summer holidays, allowing me to complete at least 2 skills a day. I sometimes do a little from the other languages as well on the side, just to keep them as fresh as I can, ready for when I have more time to focus on those ones.

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    If it feels good for you go for it! I am struggling through the Russian tree (it is sooo difficult) and every time I get annoyed with my slow progress or start making too many mistakes I switch to the French tree and blast through a few lessons. I had French in high school and did some courses in uni so I use the French tree to freshen up my French.

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