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Czech skill tree locked

Czech for English speakers hasn't been released yet but the skill tree is locked. I'm excited! I wonder how much time before it is in beta.

You can view the skill tree here:


August 2, 2017



I'm so excited, my life goal in languages is to be fluent in all the major Slavic languages!


That's pretty cool :) What do you consider the major ones tho? Just curious ^_^


Basically the ones with a country - Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovene. I also want to be comfortable with the transitional dialects of Ukrainian.


thats a lot!! good luck bro!!


I've heard that Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and a couple of other Slavic tongues are actually different standards for the same general language (Serbo-Croatian). Do you plan to learn all of those standards?

Regardless, that's a pretty epic goal. Good luck on it!


Personally, I regard them as separate languages because the speakers say so. They are technically one language spoken by different ethnic groups.


The tree looks huge (six czechpoints (haha, get it?) in this one)! I am soooooo looking forward to Czech!


Oh my gosh that tree looks AMAZING.


I really want to learn Czech one day, but I think I'll finish the Russian tree first (in like a few months because I'm working through German) and then complete the Czech one.


Wow. That is a fine looking tree. I'm curious to see how this one feels to me. I love Polish, but find it very difficult (I shall prevail). I expected Russian to be even worse because of the added complication of the different alphabet, but I actually find it much easier. I'm a bit intimidated, since Czech is closer to Polish...


It is probably more about the course creators' approach. The four Slavics currently in are really not that different.


You're probably right. The other thing is that I started Polish long before Russian, so I'm benefitting from that as I do the Russian course.


Awesome. That looks like fun!. (But I want to do German, Swedish and maybe Polish first, so it looks like the course will be ready before I am. ;) )

Go, Team Czech!


A lot of hard work and dedication has been put into this tree. Can't wait to dig in! :)


Thx and congrats, CS<-EN team!


Thanks! Because I did the image primarily to ask for checkpoint adjustment, it is a fairly low-res edited bitmap. And the locked tree won't ungold anymore.

Whoever from the Incubator feels like sharing an easier to read shot of the gold tree, they have my blessing and gratitude.

I have been strangely lazy. (Letting a 1200 day streak die has nothing on locking a tree for attitude adjustment.)


Whoever from the Incubator feels like sharing an easier to read shot of the gold tree, they have my blessing and gratitude.

I'll take it as a direct (discreet) request (a "appel du pied" as we'd say in French) that I'd do it. ;)
Hence, here it is:
is it readable enough (at least once opened in a new tab then, there, zoomed in)?

@nueby: in case you're thinking about editing your status' update to replace your screenshot with that one... fell free, of course! ;)


Well, I dangled this there for a reason :-) Thank you indeed. Now it is clear what my desired checkpoint adjustment is. And that if it fails, it is not that bad... [edited for nonsense]


groan well played.


It looks like there aren't any bonus skills


Indeed and it's because it's years contributors can't create bonus skills due to an ongoing unworking feature in the incubator.

[deactivated user]

    About time too, I've been waiting for that one for a long time. Also, it says the estimated time of beta release is 21 this month, so we wait!


    Yay!!! I hope it'll be here soon! (Soon being within a few weeks).


    I was able to confirm that Duo is aware of the lock. That is certainly encouraging. In the grand scheme of things, Czech is a pretty obscure language, so any attention the course gets is warmly appreciated.


    It's so beautiful!


    I can't wait either! I reckon that they'll release Czech together with Korean as twins in mid-late August.


    It now looks as if Korean will be mobile-only and probably not until September. This makes Czech the probable next "for English" release on the web.

    Mobile users can access even web-only courses through their browsers. For what it's worth, the Czech course was mostly built on Galaxy S3/S7 phones accessing the Incubator via Chrome.


    I've never seen the tree layout preceding the release before. Pretty cool.


    Felt like the last Phase 1 thing to do. Plus the image also supports the request to adjust the checkpoints.


    Could you possibly upload a larger picture? I can hardly read the one that's there. Also, thanks a lot for your work! I am looking forward to trying the course.


    I can hardly read the one that's there

    Do you mean after or without having opened it in a new tab (and, there, zoomed-in)?


    Even after that. But I bet it's on purpose, as a teaser. :)


    I achieve to read the names after that. ;)


    I had tried that and still struggled.


    what is "tree locked"?


    It means the volunteers have built the whole course and handed it over to Duolingo staff. Now we wait for the staff to do their magic and bring the course to life.


    Awesome, looks big!


    Latest estimated release date is 8 April 2024. Clearly some sort of joke....


    Just 400 pixels below the date is literally written why. Now I understand why the volunteers are making this jokes when people doesn't even care to read.

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