HELP! - 3 question about using a mic

I only recently started using a mic and wish I had done sooner. That said, there are 3 things that I don't fully understand with it:

1) when I speak the phrases, the words light up green. They don't light up the exact words I am saying, but seem to jump ahead of me sometimes missing joining words (like conjunctions) and moving onto main words like nouns and adjectives before I'm actually there. I don't understand why it does that and it can get quite confusing.

2) sometimes when I've finished speaking, most of the phrase is lit up green except for the odd word. (often the conjunctions Duo skipped during my speaking). Is it telling me I didn't pronounce these correctly?

3) Other times it dings as correct even though I haven't finished speaking the whole phrase. Or, dings as correct even thought I'm positive I've made an error - so much so, I don't think I've got one wrong yet!

Anyone know what's going on here?

August 2, 2017


Same here AJ. Oddly, the list you made changes platform to platform, browser to browser. I have to laugh when I am getting in another lesson just before sleep and mumble through a bite guard to a correct answer.

Still, I am very grateful for the Duo program, especially because it seems the makers are trying hard to grow the program and apparently read these discussion entries for programatic fodder. So, I look forward to more discriminate mic play. Regards, R

August 2, 2017

Yes, I did a lesson while I was eating my lunch today. Everything came out fine!

August 3, 2017

By the amount of thumbs up but only one reply, it seems many people would like an answer to the same question. Anybody got anything more?

August 3, 2017

When I previously used Duolingo I was asked to repeat certain sentences into the microphone which I found useful for pronunciation purposes. But now that seems to have disappeared from the courses I'm doing (Italian/French). Does anybody know why this is so?

August 4, 2017

Now that would be very useful. And a very good indication that Duo is listening carefully. But unfortunately that function does not exist in Spanish either!

August 4, 2017
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