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How many words do you learn when you finish your French tree?


I'm new to DuoLingo and have been loving the site so far, I was just wondering how many words you end up learning when you complete the French tree.

Merci, JJ

August 2, 2017



You end up with a vocabulary of about 2000 words after the completion of a tree.


The tear and wear of the tree varies from customer to customer.But generally,not before level 10 when you can golden the tree.Number of xp is more precise than vocabularies.


Mine shows 2598 words.


By the way, my "Italian from Spanish" tree shows 3376 words now, and I think it shows more and more new words as you review it all many times.

My "Portuguese from Spanish" tree shows 2760 words.


I think the number is way overstated. Mine says 1510 words. I double checked this by counting 20 per page and 76 pages, but for example bleu shows up 4 times includeing bleus, bleue, and bleues. So they are counting plurals, gender and conjugations as seperate words.


I found this interesting article that says you generally know 1000 base words for A2. http://www.universeofmemory.com/how-many-words-you-should-know/

Duolingo counts individual words rather than base words, so if you're making a comparison, keep that in mind. https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-base-word-forms-1689161

Duolingo also tends to change how it counts the words. At times, I've had 1600 words one day, then 800 words the next. Then, they adjusted it again a few days later. The max number of words can also vary depending on when you started, how much you tested out, and so on. Plus new words continue to be introduced after you complete the tree.

For those reasons, I take the word count with a grain of salt.


I finished my tree back in March at this time it shows 1981 words.

1000 words sounds reasonable for A2, but those are base words, which means you know the plural forms of the nouns and adjectives, and most if not necessarily all of the forms for the verbs. Duo would probably have a count up in the 4000-5000 range (possibly higher, depending on how many verbs are included) for all those variants.


I copied my list to a spreadsheet sorted it by type and started cleaning it up. I got tired of deleting rows but after doing a bunch of each type my guess is the factor would be closer to two. Of course I am only half way through so it might be different for a complete tree.


Well, Duo concentrates on present tense, so most verbs are only going to show up with different endings perhaps as many as 4 or 5 times, if they went through the half-dozen or so common tenses for more verbs, it'd be more like 15-20 times.

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