"Eu sufăr din cauza războiului!"

Translation:I suffer because of the war.

August 2, 2017

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Why not, "I suffer on account of the war"?


Most likely, the course creators haven't thought of phrasing it in this way. You can report it and ask that it be included, if you want.


I think "on account of" means "din cauza".


In a previous phrase I used "din cauza" and I was told that "din cauza" is used only in negative sentences and I should use "datorita". This sentence is obviously not a negative sentence. So now I'm very confused. The phrase was: "He is alive because of you" which also is not a negative sentence. It seems to me that the two translations are interchangeable. ( By the way i had the accent in the answers)


Most likely, that was not meant in the grammatical sense.
You should use "din cauza" when the sentence is about something negative (i.e. unfortunate, unpleasant, bad) occurring, and "datorită" when the sentence is about something positive (i.e. fortunate, pleasant, good) occurring.

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