"The turtle loves his mother."

Translation:Qintir jāhe muñe jorrāelza.

August 2, 2017

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I'm still confused about the difference between jāhon and zyyhon.


Jāha if the antecedent is aquatic or terrestrial, zȳha if it is lunar or solar.


Except that lenton is terrestrial, yet Duolingo tells me I have to use zyyhon; and munne is lunar, which would mean it's zyyhe in that sentence...but Duolingo called that incorrect. Could you enlighten me as to how me and Dothraki.org are incorrect, but Duolingo and seemingly every other person on this are correct?


It's based on the gender of the possessor, not that of the possessed. That is:

• jāh- because Qintir is aquatic

• -e because muñe is lunar.

If it were "The mother loves her turtle," then it would be Muña zȳhor qintir jorrāelza:

• zȳh- because muña is lunar

• -or because qintir is aquatic.


Thanks so much for that - I was quite confused ☺️


Thank you very much for your explanation.


Aquatic,Terrestial, Solar and Lunar? What do these words mean?


They refer to the type of noun, much like masculine or feminine in languages like Spanish or French. Each of these words describe a group of nouns that follow a certain type of rule.

Singular/plural for Lunar is commonly -a/-i

Singular/plural for Aquatic is commonly -or/-ra

Hope this helps

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