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Getting to Know French Culture + Concepts through Card Games! Any more suggestions?


So I've been really trying to improve my French, and one thing I did was translating my everyday conversations with people, in my head.

As I did this, I realized a lot of the things I said (and many they said) were cultural references, or things that couldn't/wouldn't make sense when translated. (I'll use the example of card games; many exist only in America / Anglophone nations)

I assumed that there are many things like this in French, so afterwards I decided to look up card games in French...

I found some amazing card games that I am willing to show to others! (notably Belote and Tarot) French has many concepts that can't be translated to English, one such example being their card games.

To learn French is to invest into the culture of the French! Do you guys have any suggestions, further examples, etc.. to help learn the everyday style of a French?

tl;dr: There are many cultural concepts that are untranslatable in French (as there are in English), so it's great to know it! Do you have any other examples that will help get to know the culture?

August 2, 2017



Card games sounds like a great idea! ( and fun!) I like to Memories my french words. So i usually tack up sticky notes or flash cards all over the place. So i can Memories french wile doing my day to day things. But i think card games sound like a lot more fun;)


I'm copying your idea! :P Yes, it turned out to be! But bare in mind, the French deck of cards is different... but you can buy them! (Tarot cards are easy to find on Amazon, but they aren't the cheapest :/)


Getting to know about French food or sports.


Good idea! Food is a major thing in France, and I bet there are many sports popular in the Francophone world, yet unknown to us.


Hello There is a documentary about Tarot on Arte+7, if you're interested. I haven't watched it so I don't know if it's good though. I don't know if it's available in your country. http://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/048388-000-A/les-mysteres-du-tarot-de-marseille

Maybe you will find other documentaries that will help you to learn more about life in France on this website.

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