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Aus meinem 400-Euro-Job ist im september eine Festanstellung geworden.

could anyone help me to translate that?

August 2, 2017



that is german... my 400 euro -job has become a permanent job in september. There you are! ~Catrancher


thanks ;-) but what is Aus?


"aus" is the preposition here that connects the verb "werden" to the indirect object. "Was ist aus dir geworden?" = "What became of you?" Here it translates to "of". But prepositions can never be translated one to one. Sometimes a verb doesn't need a preposition at all where in another language you cannot omit it. Best is to learn the whole verb construction:

"aus etwas/jemandem (dative) werden" = "to become of somebody"/ "sth./somebody becomes"

The sentence structure changes from English to German dramatically here. But it is similar to "I am cold." and "Mir ist kalt." See the change from subject to indirect object? It works about the same here.

I hope I could be of help.


very helpful thanks :-)


"400-Euro-Job" is something special in German working laws. You only work a few hours and are paid just 400 € a month (they changed it to 450, as far as I know). You don't have to pay for taxes and social security, which leaves you with almost all the money. Usually, your job would be flipping burgers or delivering newspapers. Very often, students or retirees raise their income this way without raising their tax burden. Downside is, you can be fired at short notice, whereas people with a permanent job have much more job security if their employer has more than 10 employees.


The 450 Euro can be reached, but doesn't have to... All depends on the contract and your hours per month... So in a 450-Euro-Job you can earn between only 50 and the whole 450 Euro... Also not to forget: You can only have 1 such job without taxes/social security (I think it's the latter)... Do you have 2 of these jobs, you have to pay something...


It should be "eine Festanstellung", because Festanstellung is female.

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