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  5. "Das ist eine Tasse."

"Das ist eine Tasse."

Translation:This is a cup.

March 8, 2013



Eventually someone could please explain me why "das" and "diese" have the same meaning?


They don't.

Das = "the" neutral gender or "that"

Dies(-e,-er,-en) = "this"

They can have similar meaning when talking about one the, that, or this.


Ok...though i think english and other languages have an absolut meaning when using determinative or undeterminative pronouns, whilst in german, i suppose, they are all depending from the word position in the sentence. "Das", I've learnt, could be even indicating a bunch of hippies, or anything else plural standing near me, as well as a singular being lying far...important thing is that it stands in first position inside the sentence. In any case Duolingo could sometimes have some bugs due to the mechanism of teaching a language from anew for the most of us.


is your profile picture a screaming leopard or what? ':-\


Why doesn't "glass" work?


Glass in German is "Glas" Cup is "Tasse"


If the translation is, "This is a cup," why doesn't it say, "Dies ist eine Tasse" as the sentence to be translated?


Das can mean this at the beginning of a sentence such as this one. If it's followed directly by a verb, "this" is a likely meaning. Not so before a noun: "das glas" would have to mean "the glass," not "this glass." At least that's my understanding.


What about teacup


As far as I can tell, "Tasse" refers to any kind of cup. "Teacup" would be "Teetasse."


Why 'Das ist eine Tasse' is translated as 'This is a cup'? and a previous sentence 'Das ist die Toilette' is translated as 'It is the bathroom?' I think 'das ist' should be 'this is' and not 'It is' I learned that Es ist = It is!!


I believe that "das ist" is a rather flexible phrase. Of course, it literally means "that is," but as you pointed out, it can mean "this is" or "it is." The frustrating thing about this is that Duolingo is just a computer program, so the nuance and flexibility involved with stuff like this isn't always completely captured.


The male voice pronounces "Tasse" really bad, it sounds like "Dasse". Just in case you're wondering, it should start with a proper T sound!

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