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Unsureness when translating this sentence into French.

Hello. I am trying to translate the sentence, the sentence being: “One of my plans this year is to make one of my relatives an authentic Greenlandic door”. I have an idea of how to say this, and will share my attempt with the hopes that someone will correct it.

“L’un de mes projets cet année, c’est de confectionner une porte porte authentique groenlandaise à l’un de mes relatifs.”

Thank you for your help correcting this.

August 2, 2017



Un de mes projets, cette année, est de confectionner une authentique porte groenlandaise pour un de mes parents.


I've also seen "l'un(e)" a lot, can I ask you when to use "un" and when "l'un"?


"L'un" est plus littéraire, c'est tout à fait correct de l'employer, le "l" renforce l'idée que l'auteur veut donner. Les deux s'emploient.


I'm wondering if this might be easier to translate if it were “One of my plans this year is to make an authentic Greenlandic door for one of my relatives.”


Yeah, I thought of that, but I never take the easy way out in French. I wanted to know if you could use “confectionner” with “à” in that way.

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