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100XP A Day With Bunny Challenge! (Aug)

There it is people, can you see it? My third tree, just on the horizon. Only 9 skills left to go.

Image Source

You all know what that means, right? The 100XP a day challenge is baaack!

For all of you newcomers, welcome to the challenge! I hope you will find this motivating for your studies over the next 7 days. :)

For y'all who have already participated, you know the drill: Starting today (or if it's too late today, you can start tomorrow), put in your best effort to earn 100XP a day (or however many you would like to set as your goal), each day, for a week.

The suggested rule: Please do not use placement tests or test-outs to accumulate XP for this challenge.

I usually start this on Sundays (or Mondays, depending on where you are on the globe). But, I really needed a boost to see me through to the end of my third tree. And so, middle of the week it is!

To join, just leave a comment today with your week's chart and update it daily as shown below, with whatever day you've started as the day listed first:

WEEK 1 (Complete)
Wednesday 水曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+38) (Only 7 Skills to go now!)
Thursday 木曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+41) (6 to go!)
Friday 金曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+16) (5 to go!)
Saturday 土曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+2) (4 to go!)
Sunday 日曜: 50XP ✔️ (+80) COMPLETED THE TREE! :'D
completed the Japanese tree and leveled up at same time!
Monday 月曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+20)
Tuesday 火曜日: 50XP ✔️


Thursday 木曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+20) (543XP left to go before Level 11!)
Friday 金曜日: 75XP ✔️ (+25) (443XP left!)
Saturday 土曜日: 75XP ✔️ (+35) (333XP left!)
Sunday 日曜: 20XP (Unexpected visitor from the Netherlands. Hi Simius! :D)
Monday 月曜日: 88-ishXP! ✔️ (Also, Yosemite Backpacking trip starts 2 days earlier than expected.)
Tuesday 火曜日: Yosemite
Wednesday 水曜日: Yosemite

My Week 1 Goal was to finish the Japanese tree. My week 2 goal is to reach level 11 in Japanese! I am 623XP away. So, it will require me to gain almost 100XP a day. But, I'm setting my minimum XP goal at 75XP.

dis bunneh? Ready! Are you? O.O
Image Source

August 3, 2017



I had wanted to be in bed by 11pm tonight because of This Discussion. But, I saw a chance to finish my Japanese tree tonight and hopped on it! So, I'm really really excited to announce I DID IT! Not only that, but, I leveled up at the exact same time! (Which, I wasn't expecting. It was an extra surprise, a cherry on top if you will :D)

So surprised to have completed the Japanese tree in 39 days!

It's getting close to the end of this week's challenge. How is it progressing for all of you?


Congratulations on finishing your Japanese skill tree! I haven't finished any trees yet, but simply seeing all of the trees being completed from these challenges, I'm really motivated to do so!


I started in 2013 and this was my third tree. Though, it feels like my second tree because one of the three was a reverse course. There are a lot of amazing language learners on Duolingo. And, it can give the impression that everyone just wizzes through. But, for a lot of us, that pace isn't going to work. The only reason I was able to finish this tree was because I had prior experience in the language from several years back. Very rusty, but, enough that it helped boost me along. I still have to go back and spend a lot of time on Japanese. :)


I started only two or three months ago, but I've had some prior knowledge of French (only a few basic phrases and verbs, but other than that, I was mostly a beginner) from a little over a year ago. I feel like doing only a portion of the French courses has really boosted my knowledge. I had never intended to do much in the Swedish course, but that sort of changed. :)


Swedish course is one of my favorites in terms of their collection of sentences. :D


Congratulations on finishing the tree in the language you're named after! And that's a pretty sword you got there


Congratulations! :)

So far I managed to reach my goal every day. 40 XP per day for Norwegian (new to me) seems to be a good measure. I do one new lesson, then review older material.

Thanks for the challenge!


Congrats Strandfloh! Keep at it. :)


Awesome! Congrats on finishing it! I've been taking it slow with mine, but hopefully I'll be right there with you by the end of the month.

The challenge is going well I guess. I haven't been able to focus on learning new kanji like I wanted, but this week should be less hectic. It's been really fun working on the Nordic languages the past three days.


Right on! And yeah, go at your own pace. This challenge is definitely not meant to pit us all in a race. :)


Congratulations! Is that sword thing new?


It might be part of an a/b test. I've had it for at least 39 days. On Android, if you click on the head icon, second one over from the left, it has a bunch of badges, including that one. There is another test group that has even more badges. I'm looking forward to those, as I've run out of these ones, minus buying an outfit for Duo, which, doesn't appeal to me :P


Oh, that's probably why I've not seen it - I'm on iOS!

They definitely need more things to buy :D


Well done! I have managed so far to get over 100 XP everyday. I am slowly becoming more and more confident!


So good to read that! :D


Thanks! Also, I see from your flags your currently not doing French. Is there a reason why and do you plan to do so in the future?


The tones of the language worry me. I've never had much luck trying to replicate them. If I were better at retaining languages, I would probably have it on my list. But, as is, there are others I would want to try first. Most of the languages I've got flags for have bunny sentences the teams hid for me to find. (A bit of a dangling carrot, if you will. ;) ^_^


Not even close. I had a traumatic brain injury some years ago. I don't retain new languages easily. I became conversational in Spanish at one point. But, I have lost that. It will be easier for me to regain in the future than the first or second times learning. And, Duolingo makes review very easy. :)


Lol! Are you fluent in Spanish?




Wow! Congrats! Only 39 days?!?! Is it a shorter tree or are you just super fast?

I'm reaching my goal almost every day. The French tree is looking shorter every day! And I'm going to do the challenge an extra day since I missed the first day.

Good luck to everyone!


I is a much shorter tree than all or almost all of the others. (I'm not sure if it's the shortest, or if High Valyrian is. I'm pretty sure it's one of those two though.) I also took almost 2 years of Japanese classes several years ago. I thought I had forgotten all but a few scattered words. So, I wanted to see how fast I could push myself to recognize the material. I surprised myself that's for sure!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations, Usagi! Great that you met your goal and early, to boot!


    An inspirational achievement! Great Work Usagiboy7!


    Congratulations on finishing the tree!


    yay! congratulations! You are an inspiration. ^_^


    Congratulations!! ^.^


    Good luck to everyone participating in this excellent motivator; it's really great to see how this challenge provokes people to become so committed to keeping up with their learning!

    Thanks for doing this!


    My first time experiencing with the 100XP Bunny Challenge! This is going to get me back on track with my French :D

    Week 1
    Jeudi - 130XP✓
    Vendredi - 100XP✓
    Samedi - 110XP✓
    Dimanche - 100XP✓
    Lundi - 120XP✓
    Mardi - 100XP✓
    Mecredi - 100XP✓
    Can't wait for the next Bunny Challenge!


    Great! Now, I need to find the days of the week, in Hebrew, for my list.

    Are we starting with Wednesday or Thursday?

    Goal: 30 XP per day Hebrew, 100+ XP per day total.

    יום רביעי - הושלמה

    יום חמישי - הושלמה

    יום ששי - הושלמה

    שבת - הושלמה

    יום ראשון - הושלמה

    יום שני - הושלמה

    הושלמה - יום שלישי -


    Today is Wednesday for me (And already nearly 7pm :O eep!). Feel free to start today or tomorrow though, whichever suits you best. Also, thanks for the reminder to do my days of the week in my target language! It'll be good practice. :D

    • 1390

    Don't forget the days start at nightfall


    Do you mean that the clock restarts each day at midnight/0am?

    • 1390

    I'm referencing the Hebrew calendar. The days in Hebrew begin at sunset/nightfall.


    I didn't know that. Thanks! :)


    It's because of how days are described in Genesis:

    “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.”

    It's also why the Sabbath in Judaism goes from Friday evening to Saturday evening :)


    Wednesday 水曜日: 310xp

    Thursday 木曜日: 100xp

    Friday 金曜日: 100xp

    Saturday 土曜日: 120 xp

    Sunday 日曜日: 100 xp

    Monday 月曜日: 150 xp

    Tuesday 火曜日: 100xp


    Goal: 50 XP per day Danish; 50 XP French

    Onsdag: Afsluttet

    Mercredi: Terminé

    Torsdag: Afsluttet

    Jeudi: Terminé

    Fredag: Afsluttet

    Vendredi: Terminé

    Lørdag: Afsluttet

    Samedi: Terminé

    Søndag: Afsluttet

    Dimanche: Terminé

    Mandag: Afsluttet

    Lundi: Terminé

    Tirsdag: Afsluttet

    Mardi: Terminé


    Now that is good timing, Bunny! Just what I need today.

    I am kind of futzing about revising Hebrew and having a play with the syllabary skills of the Japanese tree, but this might also give me the necessary kick up the pants to try and complete Spanish or German from Russian, or at least get a little closer... Let's call it 50XP a day from Russian and 50XP for funsies!

    50 + on fun 50+ from Russian Четверг יום חמישי
    50+, 50+ Пятница יום שישי
    50+, 50+ Суббота יום שבת Czech 12 skills left
    50+, 50+ I am efficient today! Воскресенье יום ראשון Czech 8 skills left
    50+, 50+ I forgot to update last night Понедельник יום שני Czech 5 skills remaining!
    50+, 50+ Вторник יום שלישי English from Czech finished!
    50+, 50+ Среда יום רביעי

    I will have to double check later I didn't make any errors doing the days from the top of my head...

    I just realised how close the Czech tree is to coming out, so I'm adding a subsidiary goal of finishing English from Czech; I was a lot further down the tree than I'd remembered, so it should be doable, although admittedly I've forgotten a lot... we shall see. Will be good prep for Czech, anyway!


    English from Czech finished! The last four skills were all really short, which was kinda nice hahaha!


    This challenge is always great for getting me into good habits - I kept doing my 100XP a day and entirely forgot the challenge had officially finished LOL.

    I'm pretty close to levelling up again in Hebrew. I still have masses on both the remaining from-Russian trees, but they're getting there, and my Hebrew tree is looking healthier than it has in a while. Japanese is just ticking along very slowly, but I'm getting much quicker at understanding the kana.


    I'm going to stick with the same aim this week, Hebrew, a little Japanese, and plugging away at those "from Russian" trees. I think I'll just call it 100XP a day total, though, I have a relatively busy week and I want to make it a bit more low-key!

    Doing the days on Estonian this week in celebration of Estonian (sort of) coming to Lingvist. (It's just a short 100 word course, apparently, but it's a start!)

    neljapäev ✔️
    reede :'( that day got away from me
    laupäev ✔️
    pühapäev ✔️
    esmaspäev ✔️
    teisipäev ✔️


    OK! For me at least 100 XPs per day in English for Spanish speakers:

    jueves - 420 XP
    viernes - 430 XP
    sábado - 427 XP
    domingo - 415 XP
    lunes - 424 XP
    martes - 426 XP
    miércoles - 423 XP

    The days are in Spanish because learning Spanish is my goal. Actually, I've been doing more than 100 XPs per day lately, but there's always the dreaded sudden drop-out, and this should help protect against that. Thanks! And good luck w/ your Japanese.

    [miércoles] Yahoo! That's done! I learned a lot. W/o the challenge I would not have gotten in so much practice, that's for sure, as this was a very busy week.

    It was fun. THANKS, Bunny, and all the rest of you who participated.


    Any interest in another round of this challenge? I'm thinking of posting a new one for the next 7 days.

    I used a streak freeze yesterday because my friend and I took a one day road trip. But, I don't want to get distracted too much away from reviewing the JA for EN tree.


    Sure, I would be interested! Still have so far so go with my Hungarian tree.


    I'm interested. When does the next round start?


    Definitely interested! This time I'd like to focus solely on Japanese since I couldn't complete the 'extra' goal I set for myself of learning 10 new kanji each day with this challenge.


    I'm in for another week, and this should take me to level 14 in Norwegian.


    I just recalled that I can only make a discussion post for 1 XP challenge per calendar month.

    So, if we want to do another week's worth of challenge, we'll have to use this existing discussion. I'm in if you are! New comers are definitely welcome!

    I recommend everyone use their existing comment, and just skip below your first chart to create the second. I'm going to set up my own table now.

    I would love to know what strategies you plan to employ this week and if they differ from the strategies you used last week (or if you are new to this challenge altogether).

    Good luck with round two everyone! :D


    I'm just getting started on my 2nd day for Week 2's challenge. I'm struggling to find my giddyup and go for this week. Granted, I had a harrowing adventure two days ago that I'm still recovering from (I got sun cooked by heat reflecting off the rocks I was climbing, almost fainted off of a cliff face (my vision faded out to almost completely black twice before I managed to get back to my pack where I could rest and hydrate before safely making it the rest of the way down). I banged up my knee, overexerted my muscles, and had a seizure in the car on the way home. Was quite an epic day. I'm exhausted. :P)

    But, hey, life happens and universe willing I'm going to get my 75XP for today and the rest of this week. And after that, I will be backpacking in Yosemite for some days. So you might see my streak reset. ^_^

    Meanwhile, enjoy some photos from the rock climbing adventure. The person in sun glasses is my adventure friend. I'm the black and white speck above them. The red circle is where I nearly fainted the first time on my way up. Sadly, it meant I had to stop before reaching the top. (So close!) I think the middle picture came from the internet though, because I wanted a vertical perspective to show friends in a larger set of photos I posted to facebook. The other two are ours though.

    Bunny goes rock climbing and nearly dies
    Click for larger image


    Poor adventurous bunny! Looks like you had fun though. Hope you're able to keep your streak. And if not, you had a good time and that's what matters. ^_^ Good luck to everyone doing the challenge a second week!

    [deactivated user]

      I'm in! Thanks for the challenge : )

      Wednesday: 109

      Thursday: 169

      Friday: 250

      Saturday: 111

      Sunday: 245

      Monday: 236 and finished my Spanish->English tree!

      Tuesday: 245

      Thanks again, Usagi!


      Sounds fun, I'm in! My goal is 100 XP a day including 50 XP in Japanese per day.

      Thursday 木曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 30 XP, Spanish 20 XP ✔️

      Friday 金曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 20 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 40 ✔️

      Saturday 土曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 20 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 88 ✔️

      Sunday 日曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 20 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 79 ✔️

      Monday 月曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 50 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 60 ✔️

      Tuesday 火曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 20 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 70 ✔️

      Wednesday 水曜日: Japanese 50 XP, Swedish 20 XP, Spanish 20 XP, English from Spanish 70 ✔️

      I managed to meet/surpass my goal. Thank you for the challenge, Usagi!


      Fantastic that Japanese is available.. And interesting to see how difficult it was to program. I'll aim for minimum 100xp a day as you, as I'm free for a few days before heading to 日本to work. En route to Japan! Woohoo! ☺️.

      Enjoying it, especially now the comments on the notes are not whining so much ..i guess some dropped out ,the rest have figured out the style.. good good ☺️

      Thursday 木曜日: start 0xp end 134xp

      Friday 金曜日: 369xp (+235)

      Saturday 土曜日: 484 (+116)

      Sunday 日曜日: 578 (+94)

      Monday 月曜日: 724 (+146)

      Tuesday 火曜日: 773 (+49 = epic fail)

      Wednesday 水曜日: 879 (+106)


      Welcome aboard MarkOne6! That's exciting that you'll get to spend some time in Japan! As for how XP (Experience Points) works, each completed lesson is worth 10 XP. Sometimes, you'll get a few extra bonus points too, up to 5. Timed Practice yields 1XP per correct answer. If you get every answer correct without running out of time, you can get around 20XP per session. Good luck! :)


      Cool, I'll edit for today thanks


      Great! I will attempt to get to 100 XP or more each day. Starting today!

      La semaine de cent PDE

      Thursday, Jeudi - 138 XP

      Friday, Vendredi - 164 XP

      Saturday, Samedi - 186 XP

      Sunday, Dimanche - 147 XP

      Monday, Lundi - 129 XP

      Tuesday, Mardi - 136 XP

      Wednesday, Mercredi - 216 XP

      And now I've finished and managed to for each day get at least 100 XP! The total amount I amassed in these 7 days is..



      So many folks learning Japanese! It's exciting to see :)

      This comes at a perfect time for me: work is kicking into high gear and I need some motivation to keep language studies at a high priority. As always, I'm trying to learn French. Still. I love it so but it is flirtatious and elusive with me. My goal: 100 XP per day. No test-outs but I DO plan to use some timed practices :)

      Jeudi - 110 XP ✓ (bonus: level 14!!)
      Vendredi - 100 XP ✓
      Samedi - 60 XP :'(
      Dimanche - 104 ✓
      Lundi - 19
      Mardi - 105 ✓ (bonus: 300 day streak :)
      Mercredi - 10
      Jeudi - 19
      Vendredi - 113

      Man, work kicked my butt on Monday. Barely had time to log in and keep my streak alive.

      Heh. Posted a few extra days trying to redeem myself with today's 113 XP.


      Using Timed Practice is a-ok! :)

      [deactivated user]

        Congratulations on your streak!


        Thank you! I can tell you know a lot about keeping a streak alive :)


        I'm going to try to get 100 xp in Italian so I can reach level 25 more quickly. Then I'll try to get 50 xp in German. Then try to complete 50 xp in French. In total, that's 200 xp a day!

        The order goes Italian/German/French

        Giovedì/Donnerstag/Jeudi - 128 xp/50 xp/56 xp TOTAL - 234 xp

        Venerdì/Freitag/Vendredi - 118 xp/50 xp/58 xp TOTAL - 226xp

        Sabato/Samstag/Samedi - 117 xp/50 xp/53 xp TOTAL - 220 xp

        Domenica/Sonnstag/Dimanche -

        Lunedì/Montag/Lundi -

        Martedì/Dienstag/Mardi -

        Mercoledì/Mittwoch/Mercredi -


        Yay! It's back again! ~dances around the room~

        Anyway, I know I'm a bit late, but I'm going to jump in! 50 xp a day is my goal, bc I just started school and I don't think I'll be able to do more. I'll also focus on French because my goal is to get the tree done! (and write all my new vocab down)

        Jeudi: ~34 xp (off to a bad start ( /)u( )
        Vendredi: 70 xp!
        Samedi: 108 xp! (wow, I think that's enough for today)
        Dimanche: 55 xp!
        Lundi: 100 xp!
        Mardi: 75 xp!
        Mercredi: 50 xp!

        Finished for the week! Whew. I felt like I got a lot done. Thanks for the challenge!

        Week 2!

        Jeudi: 0 xp :( (another bad start)
        Vendredi: 75 xp!
        Samedi: ?? forgot...><
        Dimanche: see above
        Lundi: 75 xp!
        Mardi: 41 xp!


        Hop on board! Better late that never, right?. Also :O Dat bunneh! Squeak


        Mjau! I've missed these. I would like to join even though I am late. I am trying to complete the Hungarian tree, finally, and this might give me extra motivation. I only did 20XP yesterday because I was too tired for more, but my goal will be 100xp.

        Thursday: 20xp
        Friday: 100xp >^..^<
        Saturday: 100xp
        Sunday: 100xp
        Monday: 10xp (too tired to do more...)
        Tuesday: 80xp (almost made it)
        Wednesday: 100xp (yay!)

        Week 2: I am going to stick with Hungarian, and try to do 50xp in new lessons and 50 in review each day. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will do more review and fewer new lessons.

        Thursday: 106xp
        Friday: 101xp (mostly in review... not pushing myself to cover new material when I can't handle it mentally is actually more motivating, even though absolute progress is slower)
        Saturday: 116xp (50 in new lessons, the rest in review)
        Sunday: 109xp (I didn't think I would meet my goal today because I was busy until late, but I managed to do a combination of mostly review and a couple new lessons, and I levelled up to level 10!)
        Monday: 10xp
        Tuesday: 10xp (just too busy/tired the last two days...)


        Hop on in! There's no time like the present. :)


        Haha, "hop on in"...I see what you did there :)


        PS Sorry about all of the down votes the September challenge is getting folks. A person who was posting walls of swastikas is angry at me right now for interrupting their spamming spree.

        Anyhow, even if the challenge gets sunk, so long as you have an email notification, you can still follow it into the new challenge and participate.

        Just a heads up though, you'll need a real email address to get an email notification for September's challenge.

        Good luck! :)

        [deactivated user]

          Thanks for the heads up! The downvotes won't affect the challenge : )


          I've been waiting for this to return :-)

          This time around I'll have to focus on things differently since I'm not close to finishing any more trees. My goal will be time focused and each day will be spent focusing on a different language. I'll do at least an hour of the day's language and then at least 30xp of Japanese. In particular, I'll also set a goal of learning at least 10 new kanji each day.

          Quinta-feira (Português): 110xp (but only 40 mins, not an hour).
          Fredag (Svenska): 140xp (no Japanese today sadly)
          Lørdag (Norsk): 355xp (265xp Norsk + 90xp 日本語)
          Søndag (Dansk): 340xp (300xp Dansk + 40xp 日本語)
          Jumatatu (Kiswahili): 120xp (90xp Kiswahili + 30xp 日本語)
          Salı (Türkçe): 110xp (80xp Türkçe + 30 日本語)
          Thứ tư (Tiếng Việt): 170xp (110xp Tiếng Việt + 60xp 日本語)

          And done! This was very refreshing and I'm glad I was able to accomplish my goal most of the days.

          Round 2 Start!

          I'll be focusing solely on Japanese for this next week.

          木曜日: 230xp [Family and Restaurant Skills learned, Intro 3 skill refreshed]
          金曜日: 59xp [four lessons in the Activity 1 skill]
          土曜日: 73xp [Activity 1 finished, 3/4 lessons in Position]
          日曜日: 45xp [Position skill finished, 2/4 lessons in Hobby 1]
          月曜日: 44xp [hobby 1 skill finished, 1 lesson in Transportation done]
          火曜日: 40xp [2 lessons in Transportation, 1 skill refreshed]
          水曜日: 71xp [finished Transportation skill, 3/6 lessons in Clothes done]

          This second round went well I think. I managed to level up and I'm feeling a lot more solid in my Japanese. I'll try to keep this up for the rest of the week, but school's starting next week which means I go back to work as a tutor and lose out on Duo time.

          This was a lot of fun Usagi! I look forward to the next one!


          Welcome back LupoMikti!


          Glad to be back! These always seem to give me a jolt of motivation that I just can't seem to muster up on my own, so thank you so much for doing these.


          Goal: 40 XP per day Norwegian, 100 XP total

          Torsdag: ✔️
          Fredag: ✔️
          Lørdag: ✔️
          Søndag: ✔️
          Mandag: ✔️
          Tirsdag: ✔️
          Onsdag: ✔️

          Made my goal every day :-). I hope to keep at this, at least the 40 XP in Norwegian.

          Second week
          I have made the old goal yesterday (which is Thursday/torsdag for me). But: if I do 50 XP in Norwegian starting today, I'll make it to level 14. So that is my goal :).

          Torsdag: 40 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Fredag: 50 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Lørdag: 50 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Søndag: 50 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Mandag: 50 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Tirsdag: 50 XP No; more than 100 XP total ✔️
          Onsdag:50 XP No and Level 14; more than 100 XP total ✔️

          Done :-)


          Yay, this challenge is back! I would like to join please. It's Thursday morning here so I'll start on Thursday, and do my best to reach 100 XP a day in German. Thank you for organising this again - and those bunnies in sunglasses are adorable! :-)

          Week 1:
          Thursday: 100XP
          Friday: 50XP :/
          Saturday: 100XP
          Sunday: 100XP
          Monday: 20XP
          Tuesday: 100XP
          Wednesday: 100XP

          Week 2: The goal for this week to level up, but I will be busy this week, so will lower my daily goal to a more manageable 50 XP.
          Friday: 100XP
          Saturday: 60XP
          Sunday: 50XP
          Monday: 70XP
          Tuesday: 90XP
          Wednesday: 40XP
          Thursday: 90XP


          I want to try and finish my Hebrew tree before Czech comes out. Based on nueby's current estimate, I should be able to do this with five lessons a day. So that's my goal, plus whatever it takes to keep my tree golden. I'm not setting a general language goal, because I'm still catching up from last week (I was on an experiment and therefore didn't have as much time for duolingo). Oh, and it's also already Thursday here

          יום חמישי - חמש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          יום שישי - שש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          שבת - חמש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          יום ראשון - חמש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          יום שני - חמש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          יום שלישי - שש שיעורים, עץ זהוב
          יום רביעי - חמש שיעורים, עץ זהוב

          Challenge complete! I think my decay rate has gotten worse, so I'm considering not keeping up this learning rate. I'll give it a few more days and see.

          Okay, I'm up for week 2. I've done my catch-ups, so I'll add an overall goal of 350XP (40XP in each of 6 languages, where I have a completed tree, 80XP in Hebrew (5 lessons plus keeping the tree golden) and 30XP in Portuguese). I'll also switch reporting languages because formatting a Hebrew text with numbers is annoying:
          Torsdag: 5 Hebrew lessons, 5 golden trees, 473XP
          Viernes: 6 Hebrew lessons, 6 golden trees, 679XP
          Bonus: Level 24 in Dutch, level 14 in Portuguese
          Zaterdag: 5 Hebrew skills, 6 golden trees, 460XP
          Domenica: 5 Hebrew skills, 6 golden trees, 657XP
          Mandag: 6 Hebrew skills (miscount), 5 golden trees, 360XP (long work day)
          Bonus: Level 17 in Hebrew.
          Вторник: 5 Hebrew skills, 6 golden trees, 382XP
          Quarta-feira: 5 Hebrew skills, 7 golden trees, 379XP
          My decay rate in Hebrew has definitely gotten worse, but I'm so close to finishing the tree, I might just accept only being able to re-guild my tree outside of the weekend... I just enjoy the feeling of finishing so much and I'm looking forward to the "Space" skill.


          Thank you for this challenge. I am starting today (Thursday in China).

          Target: 100+XP per day: 30 Japanese (JP), 30 English from Japanese (EN-JP), 40 English from Chinese (EN-CN), and as much as I can from French (FR), German (DE), or Spanish (ES). Weekday names are written in Chinese (currently my main target).

          Thursday 星期四: 184XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 84 FR).

          Friday 星期五: 174XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 74 DE).

          Saturday 星期六: 200XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 100 ES).

          Sunday 星期日: 170XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 70 FR).

          Monday 星期一: 180XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 80 DE).

          Tuesday 星期二: 190XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 90 ES).

          Wednesday 星期三: 190XP (30 JP, 30 EN-JP, 40 EN-CN, 90 FR).

          and DONE ^_^

          Didn't finish any tree, but I leveled up in Japanese, and my fluency score increased by 2-3 degrees in each language (except Japanese from English).

          The app was updated on iOS, and there seems to be a new performance indicator. It displays the percentage of golden skills and of finished skills in the tree.

          Week 2

          This time I'll keep a more realistic goal, so I won't go beyond 100XP. I will focus only on Japanese and Chinese, so EN-JP and EN-CN will get 40XP each, and JP will get the remaining 20.

          Friday 星期五: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 EN-JP, 20 JP).

          Saturday 星期六: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP).

          Sunday 星期日: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP).

          Monday 星期一: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP).

          Tuesday 星期二: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP). What a hectic day! I thought I'd never make it, but luckily I did.

          Wednesday 星期三: 100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP).

          Thursday 星期四:100XP (40 EN-CN, 40 XP EN-JP, 20 JP).

          and DONE for the second week as well.

          I worked with a healthy pace, so despite the hectic week that I had, I managed to complete the second week of the challenge with less strain than in the first. This challenge has been beneficial to me in many ways, and one of them is that I discovered that 100 XP was a healthy pace for me to tackle and achieve satisfying progress in only two languages simultaneously, which means I cannot study all the languages I'm taking at the same day (as I've been doing up till now). I am reconsidering my study style, and will need to come up with a plan that allows proper practice time for each of the languages I'm learning.

          Thank you again for this challenge, Usagiboy! Congratulations to everyone who met their goals, and I hope to be around for future challenges as well.


          Ooh, sounds like fun challenge! Since testing out isn't allowed for this challenge (which is what I do for English from Russian), I'll give it a go with my Hungarian tree (I haven't touched it in while, and I've barely done any of it!). My goal: 50 XP a day. I may use some time practices.

          Csütörtök: 57 XP

          Péntek: 51 XP

          Szombat : 51 XP

          Vasárnap: 53 XP

          Hétfő: 52 XP

          Kedd: 58 XP

          Szerda: 53 XP Woo!! I'm so glad to have finished the challenge!

          EDIT: Seeing as most people here are starting on Thursday, I might as well start now :P


          I just completed my 7th day! (I thought I had gotten 50XP, luckily, I noticed I had only gained 40XP in time to fix it.)

          For some of you, this is your last day of the challenge. Congratulations! Did you meet your goal everyday? Did you struggle to meet your goal? How did your week go?


          Thank you for the challenge! I didn't make it to 100XP every day, but I did most days, and I made much more consistent progress in Hungarian than I would have otherwise. I am still a long way from the end of the tree, but I have almost reviewed to the point were I left off months ago. Lately my back pain has really gotten in the way of my motivation and I have been much less disciplined about completing trees. I have discovered that the key for me is to cover new material early in the morning because chances are I will be too achey or tired in the evening to make meaningful progress.


          I read you loud and clear mjaumjaupurr! I'm covered in 5 pain analgesic patches. Pain can be very distracting. I tend to have the most pain right when I wake up and when I am going to bed. (Because of the pressure laying down exerts on my body. :P)

          It looks like you've got a strategy in mind for next time. :)


          It's funny (in a not-funny sort of way) what a mental impact pain can have. Thanks for your encouragement. You're the best bunny! ^_^


          I met my target, leveled up, and increased my fluency score, so I’m very satisfied. But it took about 200XP a day, and I don’t think I can keep this pace after the challenge. l will at least try to continue setting a specific time for studying, because it worked for me.
          Also, it was encouraging to see how committed everyone was, that was my favorite part of the challenge ^_^
          Congratulations to everyone who met their target, and thank you, Usagiboy!


          Just finished my last day too - I came up short a couple of days when I got home late and was just too tired to deal with it. I was pretty tired on the other days too, to be honest, but I pushed myself to get to 100 XP and I'm glad I did; it wasn't always easy, but if it was, then it wouldn't be a challenge! My other goal was to level up, which I did not manage, but that was because I was a silly old bear who did the math wrong in my head, so I wasn't actually as close to level 14 as I had thought... I did get much closer though, so I'll be there by next week for sure!

          Thanks again for the challenge, I'm looking forward to the next one! :-)


          Would it be for all languages because I'm sure not how to separate the two I am actively doing

          Donnerstag : 340.


          Hi Qiunnn, this challenge is to motivate those who partake, so, it's flexible. If you want your XP goal to cover one language, or two languages, split it up however you like. The main thing is that you do what works for you. :)


          I will try to reach 100xp today in Vietnamese, without tests. :)) Also 100+ xp with English for Vietnamese speakers.

          Try to get 1000 xp today!! (But not now) :)) In Vietnam today is Thursday.


          Chúc may mắn! :)


          Oh, thank you :)) I don't know that you know Vietnamese. I'm Vietnamese.

          Cảm ơn :)

          Note: Of course I also exercise the other languages. :))


          I only know a few words. :)


          That's great. Vietnamese is so difficult :))


          Thursday: 1400 xp




          [deactivated user]

            Unfortunately these last 3 days were much more tiring and chaotic than what I antecipated. I couldn't keep up qith the challenge. I'm sorry. =(

            I've been slacking off on my French for the last week so this challenge comes at the perfect time for me to get back on track. I would love to participate, Usagiboy. My goal will be 50xp a day for French. Thank you in advance.

            Jeudi - 50xp

            Vendredi -

            Samedi -

            Dimanche -

            Lundi -

            Mardi -

            Mercredi -



            This Duolingo Wiki page on Formatting should show how to format comments on Duolingo. One or two things might be outdated. But, for the most part it should still be an accurate guide.

            I recommend making one comment for all language goals combined. Here is an example:

            Wednesday: 200XP ✔️ (50 German 50 Swedish)

            In order to make a stacked list, after writing the last thing you want on a line, press the space bar twice, then Enter once. Do this at the end of each line to make them stack. :)


            Yahoo! Let's do this! Alternating between Spanish tree and English for German tree.

            Donnerstag: 100 xp

            viernes :119 xp

            Samstag: 50xp It's been a long day.

            domingo: 100xp

            Montag: 117xp

            martes: 107xp Level up! :)

            Mittwoch: 102xp



            A little bit late but my goals are 90 XP in French and 60 XP in German!

            Jeudi - 652 XP Vendredi - Samedi - Dimanche - Lundi - Mardi - Mercredi -


            Don't worry, you arrived in time. :)


            You can do it! Keep going! :)


            Looks like my backpacking trip will start Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. So, I'll have to do some extra studying to reach my goal before I lose wifi.

            After having lost such a 994 day streak, I feel more comfortable letting go of a 47ish day streak once this week's challenge is over. There is still a bit of a regretful tug. But, I'm glad it feels so much more doable to lose it and start again this time. :)


            Sometimes life happens and that's what has happened to the rest of my week.

            Simius from Team Netherlands unexpectedly showed up in town and we grabbed some lunch. Waves hello to Simius. After that it was supply shopping and packing. And, my backpacking trip in Yosemite starts at 6:30 Monday morning, instead of Wednesday. So, this might be it for me. I still managed to get pretty close to my goal. So, I want to thank all of you for helping to inspire and motivate me. :)

            I hope the rest of the challenge goes well for all of you and that you are able to reach your challenge goals!


            Just a heads up, the September edition of this challenge has just been posted. You can find it Here. ^_^


            I would like to join. I would give it a try with Japanese :)

            Thursday 木曜日: 135 XP

            Friday 金曜日: 315 XP

            Saturday 土曜日: 105XP

            Sunday 日曜日:

            Monday 月曜日:

            Tuesday 火曜日:

            Wednesday 水曜日:


            marakata! Glad to have you aboard :D


            My Duo work has been severely neglected lately, so I'm hoping this may help, and I'll donate 10 lingots for each day I miss as extra motivation. Thanks for doing a challenge, hopefully this will get me going again :)

            • Thursday
            • Friday
            • Saturday
            • Sunday
            • Monday
            • Tuesday
            • Wednesday


            Hey you! So glad to see you around! Good luck with the challenge. I hope it gets your learning back on track. And, even if you only go for a week, a week is still good for the brain. :)


            Thanks! I just realized I missed yesterday.


            Me! I want at least 30 points in German daily, but I want to resurrect my poor French tree, so 100 XP daily is a great motivator.

            Freitag: 30XP in German Samstag: Sonntag: Montag: Dienstag: Mittwoch: Donnerstag:


            It's my Friday, so 3 days in for me. I almost forgot to do my XP today. Eep! How is everyone else doing?

            [deactivated user]

              Glad you remembered; you're our leader! I think I might finish a tree by the end of the challenge...


              Right on! Depending on how many lessons are in each of the last five skills, I might too! I've been trying to push myself to do a little extra each day in order to complete the tree by Tuesday. But, since I don't know how many skills are left, it's a bit of a coin toss. I thought I would do more today than I did. But, for some reason my brain was cranking through the lessons really fast. And, now my seizure threshold is low because of all of the neural activity and sustained concentration for too long. Woops. haha. So, I think I'm done for the day. But, I had a lot of fun with the lessons today. :)


              I’m on track, and I noticed that I’m learning differently. I now designate “Duo time” to finish my daily target, because I need to submit my report here, and I feel more focused (and make fewer mistakes) during my study session compared to when the lessons overlapped with other daily tasks. I think I’m getting more than I bargained for with this challenge.


              I'm really excited to read that, Arachnje! I'm glad you're getting some good, unexpected things out of this challenge. :D


              I didn't see this until now - but better late than never, right? I'll just jump in today, and hope that there will be a week 2...

              I'll do at least 50 points in Japanese, and do some repetition in some of my other languages to reach 100. Primarily Russian, I think.

              げつようび : 102 points
              かようび : 108 points
              すいようび: 108 points
              もくようび : 121 points


              The second week started with a very busy day, on which I just managed to to reach the goal, but forgot to post it...

              金よう日 : 101 xp
              土曜日 : 107 xp
              日曜日 : 108 xp
              月曜日 : 113 xp - 1st leaderboard badge
              火曜日 : 200 xp - 200 xp badge
              水曜日 : 119 xp
              木曜日 : 113 xp
              金曜日 : 160 xp

              As an additional goal this week, I'll try to get two of those new badges: the one for 200 xp in one day, and the one for finishing top of the club leaderboard (which means I'll have to do more Japanese starting from monday)

              I discovered on Monday that the leadership badge was easier than I had thought. I assumed I would have to be on the top at the end of the week, but it's any time - for example early on Monday morning, before anyone else has had time to start (being in Europe probably helps). I admit I was a bit disappointed, but only until I dicovered that the next level of the badge is being on top of the leaderboard at the end of the week - so the game is still on


              Maria.nils, yes, please do! If those badges succeed in getting people to increase their engagement, then they will likely be released to the rest of us and I'm really excited to see them. :D


              I can't resist those badges, even when they are completely meaningless. I finally bought an outfit for my owl, after all these years, just because I got a badge for it. And on Friday, I bought a weekend amulet, which is the last thing I need right in the middle of the bunny challenge! But I got a badge for it...


              I will try to get 100 exp per day, with about half of it trying to finish making my German tree golden.

              Wed: 100 xp Thu: 100 xp Fri: 100 xp Sat: 100 xp Sun: 100 xp Mon: 100 xp


              Tues: 100 xp Wed: 100 xp

              I plan to do 100 xp per day until my german tree is golden.


              Thurs: 100xp Fri: 100xp Sat: 60xp.

              Now my German tree is all gold.


              Congrats JimLeonard0! :D

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