"Ta jupe est verte et la poche est rouge."

Translation:Your skirt is green and the pocket is red.

March 8, 2013

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The slow pronunciation enunciates the t in the first "est", even though it doesn't seem like it should. Why is this?


The Duo robot takes sound slices and reproduces them. Sometimes these slices are in close proximity to other sounds that change the original inflection. Sometimes they are cut too sharply. Sometimes they just sound crappy.

Basically it is like natural speech which varies considerably. Unfortunately natural speech doesn't give you replays or slow speed.


But this time it's actually saying "est" to rhyme with English "vest". The second "est" is pronounced correctly. This is definitely a bug.


I am wondering about that too, thanks for bringing it up.


i think it has read it as est - east, which pronounces it this way. the robot has it confused. est and ouest (east and west) pronounce the st at the end...


Hello k_emNewton. Yes, it is a mistake.Please add your comment to "Report a Problem" thread. This helps Duo know that there is a problem with the audio rather than someone has their own problem with it. With numbers, Duo will fix it. Thanks


They seem to have fixed this now, as I didn't have this problem


they are talking about la Chilindrina del Chavo del 8!


Ok Duolingo program. If you give 'pouch' as one of the translations for 'poche' don't mark it wrong if someone uses it. I used 'pouch' as it was one of give translations, because it made a bit more sense than 'pocket'. AAAARRRGHH!!!!!


Yes, you had to guess that the "poche" belonged to the skirt and that it was not about a pouch (pochette).


Words often have many translations and they usually are not interchangeable but are correct in different circumstances. We just have to learn wich translation that belongs to wich situation.


what an extreme combination... :D


This is to prepare you for your meeting with Duo's black cat wearing red boots. Yellow ducks. Hey, did you notice a Green Owl at all? Common place now; nobody flinches at a green owl.


does colors differ with the gender?


Yes they do, theoretically, but a number of color adjectives are not showing all masculine/feminine/plural clearly different. http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_inv.htm

Order: masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, feminine plural:

  • blanc, blanche, blancs, blanches
  • noir, noire, noirs, noires
  • gris, grise, gris, grises
  • jaune, jaune, jaunes, jaunes
  • rouge, rouge, rouges, rouges
  • orange, orange, orange, orange (= color of the eponymous fruit)
  • vert, verte, verts, vertes
  • bleu, bleue, bleus, bleues
  • violet, violette, violets, violettes
  • marron, marron, marron, marron (= color of the eponymous fruit)
  • rose, rose, roses, roses


thanx, color gender


why 'ta' not 'votre'


If you had to translate "your skirt", you could translate it to "ta jupe" or "votre jupe", which could be understood as one person (familiar tu/ta or polite vous/votre) or plural vous/votre, because a single object can be attached to a plural subject with the meaning of "one each".


Argh!.. The number of times I get an answer wrong because I make a typo by typing "an" instead of "and" is sending me nuts. (I mean to write "and" but don't hit the "D" key properly)


Your answer pocket's is grammatically incorrect


huh. sounds like she was wearing a Christmas skirt. but what does it matter...

[deactivated user]

    To me 'et' and 'est' sound the same, is that correct or is there a subtle difference I'm not hearing?


    To me "est" sounds a bit like the "A" in "Adam"


    @Lauraly. "Et" very very slightly leans toward "EE" and "Est" sounds like "A" as in "Take" "Est" before a vowel sound sounds the "T" as in "Est elle" sounds like "Ay-tell" but the "T" of "Et" does not sound the "T" before a vowel sound. Lastly, context; lets swop them around and then translate the sentence. Ta jupe et verte est la poche et rouge" which translates to Your skirt and green is the pocket and red. Soon sorts out which is which, no?

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