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" ấy thể phân biệt cờ Ba Lan cờ Indonesia."

Translation:She can distinguish between the Polish flag and the Indonesian flag.

August 3, 2017



I said "Polish flag AND Indonesian flag", even though I think the meaning is the same, it would have been nice to accept both answers.

Also--it rejects "distinguish the Polish flag from the Indonesian flag", another answer that should be accepted as correct.

Third go round--'the flag of Poland from the flag of Indonesia' also marked WRONG. Geez,


One year later, these are still being zapped. Please fix.


Still not fixed. It is getting very exasperating to actually understand what this sentence means but get zapped only because you struggle to remember the ONLY English translation that is accepted. Everything I've suggested are equivalents.


She can distinguish the Polish flag and the Indonesian flag -- marked wrong. Please accept.


Rất giỏi!))


I agree with StewartMM. There is no need for "between"

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