"The umbrella is white."

Translation:L'ombrello è bianco.

March 8, 2013

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Can someone explain why il ombrello wasnt correct? I know some words use the l' but how do you know when? Isnt il masc still?


Why is it è and not sono?

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It accepts both accents on the e now. Are they interchangeable, arbitrary?


No, they aren't interchangable =is" (the third person singular form of the verb essere = to be), while the other one (é) by itself , as far as I know, doesn't mean anything.


If english is the umbrella, than italien shouldn't be un but il, non è vero?


Just because it wasn't a capital L it was marked wrong!


My answer was wrong- apparently only because the accent mark on the "e" tilted the wrong way. Can someone explain the difference? Grazie!


"é" is acute... is on word like "perché" "poiché" "affinché" "abbatté" "frappé" (even if we say it with acute accent, but it is a French word and we write it in the French way)

"è" is grave... "è" "cioè" "tè" "caffè"

"è" is used far way more often.

We use the acute accent on compounds with "che" at the end and on some words taken from French. Also sometimes in "passato remoto". Probably in some other cases as well, but not many.

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