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"Strengthen Skill"

For a few days I've managed to keep my German tree all gold, but I still want to go for a higher level. Because there's no weak skills on the tree to practice, I decided to have a go at the "strengthen skill" in the main menu of the German tree. After two times I keep getting the same basic words, even though when I look it up, those aren't by far my weakest words. And not just by looking it up, there's no challenge because I know those basic words well enough.

So how does Duolingo decide what words to test with that function? Does it start at the most basic and make you do whatever is fully up to date? I'd prefer it starting with the weakest words, but I get the impression that this is not how it works.


Max Krakers

August 3, 2017



Wenn Du eine Herausforderung willst, versuche den reverse tree. Dort sind sicher andere Fragen. Und der Level sagt nur etwas aus darüber, wie viel du gearbeitet hast. Ist also eigentlich nicht so wichtig.


Vielleicht werde ich der Reverse Tree versuchen, aber ich glaube das ich lieber irgendwo anders eine Herausforderung suche. Bzw. lesen und fernsehen, was ich manchmal schon tue. Dennoch möchte ich nur die Wörte die ich nicht gut kenne üben könnnen und derzeit ist das nicht möglich. Gibt es eine alternative App die das schon bietet?


Hast Du schon die tinycards gesehen? https://tiny.cards/users/Scharing2
Viel Spaß dabei!


Ich habe die cards mal angeschaut und glaube sie sind hilfreich, aber nicht für meines Deutsch. Doch nütze ich tinycards für andere Sprache wie Französisch. Vielen dank für die Anregung!


I hope Duolingo will fix this soon!

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Yes there is a way! Use Anki flashcards. There are tons of German card decks already made by other people and you can import their lists. I also have a deck which I am making up to put those hard (for me) to remember words. I also have a deck in which I put in short phrases such as "prohibitions and restrictions (verbote und beschränkungen)". I find if you put on the front of the card the English word or phrase then you have to remember how to say it in German, which I feel imitates how we try to express ourselves as new German speakers, that is if English is your mother tongue. I hope I make sense, it is late here.


It all makes sense ;). I haven't had a look at the Anki cards, as I decided that I probably should focus on reading and listening to proper German texts.

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