"Four plus four equals eight."

Translation:Vier plus vier macht acht.

August 3, 2017

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Why ergibt and not just gibt as in other examples?


Ergibt is more mathematical than gibt only because of it I think. But when you use gibt it is correct as well. :)


"Vier plus vier gibt acht" - is also correct!


Why is "Vier und vier gleich acht." wrong? Plus can be translated as "und". :(


Your translation is correct, but its uncommon - most of the time people will say plus for plus in a mathematical way. You might encounter that people say your sentence. You could also encounter some other translations like Vier plus vier ist acht or Vier plus vier ist gleich acht etc..


Is it not the case that it's common but colloquial?

The Wikipedia article on "Addition" says:

Beispiel: 2 + 3 = 5 wird gelesen als „zwei plus drei (ist) gleich fünf“ oder umgangssprachlich „zwei und drei ergibt fünf“.


What is the meaning of ergibt here and why wrong here


ergeben here means something like "to result in" -- so vier plus vier ergibt acht would be literally something like "four plus four [i.e. if you add four to four] results in eight".

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