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What's the meaning behind your username?

I'm not sure if people have done this in the past, but I think it's really interesting to hear how people came up with their creative and unique usernames. I also love to hear stories. :D

My username doesn't at all relate to my real name (Alvin), but I just thought it sounded unique. Sort of like some light that was always there, but no could really find.

What do your usernames mean?

August 3, 2017



I originally went with a "bunny" because I saw some cool art of anthropomorphized bunny boys. So, I was momentarily "troublebunny" on an anime website chat until I got banned. I had to pick another username in order to return. :P

I chose my current username because "Usagi" means "bunny" in Japanese in honor of Usagi's character from the Sailor Moon in the manga/comic book. (The anime was not directed by the writer of the manga. I prefer her original characterization.) So, instead of choosing "bunnyboy" I changed "bunny" from English to Japanese. When I arrived on Duolingo, someone had already staked a claim on "Usagiboy", so, I put a 7 on it. I can't remember why though, considering yellow is not my favorite color. :P There were other reasons too, but, I can't recall them at the moment.


That's really unique. And I absolutely love your username. It sounds catchy when you say it (it might be because the 7 has two syllables.)


True about the syllable thing. It is rather satisfying. :D Oh, also I should probably clarify why I got banned. Kinda weird not to seeing as how I'm a mod here. A moderator over there was abusing their position to harass people and I called them out on it. They didn't like it and tossed me out, a couple of times. >.>


I I like the smiley face you wrote (>.>)


My username?

Hatsune Miku (do you know her.....?) + Takanashi Rikka ( Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions) = Takasune Miika :))


Personally, I'm a Gakupo and Yuuma fan, but I love Miku too!


So we both Vocaloid fans :))


I love the sky. The fleecy, white clouds appears really attractive with the blue, and when it changes from night to day, it's a very breathtaking sight. My username, in fact, relates to the sky in a very simple way, actually.

The word "speir" (with accent mark, it's "spéir") actually means "sky" in Irish Gaelic, and it's been a nickname for me for quite a while now. The way sounds really grabs my attention, and I love the word! Initially, I had wanted to learn Irish, but French would've been much more convenient for me (which is why I'm learning it). When I first registered to Duolingo, I chose "Speir" as my username, but unfortunately, an inactive user was already taking the username. Instead of keeping numbers at the end, I added an underscore, although I'm not sure why.

Also, it was really neat to read the meaning of other users' usernames. :D


I love it! Such a creative username! I never knew the meaning.


Thanks; I wish it was creative, but someone already had just "Speir" when I joined a couple of months ago. :)


My name comes from two different things that I absolutely love: The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Ball Z.

The "Master Sword" part is from TLOZ and the "Z" part comes from DBZ (specifically the "Z sword"). It's not that unique, but I'm reluctant on changing it any time soon. ^ ^

[deactivated user]

    It's quite unimaginative but I'll tell you. I wanted my username to be "Krtek" but it was already in use. I just added the initial letter of my name "João" which is the Portuguese equivalent of the name "John".

    Krtek is this little cartoon mole in my profile picture and he's just adorable. He is of Czech origin but he is also fairly known in other Central European countries, Eastern Europe as well as some Asian countries.


    I used to love this cartoon as a kid. I even saw a few times Krtek in Czech without dub (probably mistake). But usually it was without voices. So adorable cartoon! ;P

    [deactivated user]

      I found out about it on my first trip to the Czech Republic in 2011 and I fell in love with him. Last year I got my first Krtek plushie doll and I would love to watch all the old episodes as well as the new ones in Czech.


      It's not that interesting but I've been rapping as a hobby (I might make it a career) since I was just 11 or 12 and I've been trying to come up with a name. None of my friends really gave me a nickname since they just call me Deo (pronounced day-oh) which is short for Deogracias. I couldn't really decide on a cool name so one day I was listening to Big L (a great rapper who died in 1997) and decided to keep my name simple so I chose Big Deo.


      I....dont know ._.

      Uhm.....I used this name for...no reasons....So, my name is randomly placed..?


      I happen to like your username!

      It seems so... Mysterious. In a way... ^ ^


      It just means I'm a guy who absolutely loves anything regarding cinnamon! :D I'm crazy for it.

      I like yours, by the way! :)


      my name is my BEST friends name with my last name. I know TOTALLY weird


      My name Jason is just germanized into dschäson and the number 2302 describes of when I was born

      Meinen Namen ist einfach verdeutscht. Und die Nummer 2302 beschreibt, wann ich geboren wurde.


      It should be: "Mein Name ist einfach eingedeutscht."


      Fischer - My surname FS - FreeStyle (football)


      Talia is my name and Star is my middle name.


      One day I chose my favourites signs of hiragana (Japanese syllabics system) and connected to two words. I am using one of them on duolingo. Nu-se-te. "N" one is first because this is the first letter of my real name.


      I simply use my name. The number is only for that the name combination was already used.


      I created my own language, a conlang, and I took my own name and tweaked it a bit to fit the phonetic system of my conlang, and that is how I got Sjodni! It is pronounced (Syohdnee (The sy is kinda like the n in spanish, like saying seeyoh but without the ee. You'll get it.)


      There is no meaning behind my username.


      Midnight - the blackest time of the night, darkness is what's being headed towards. 666 goes perfectly with it.


      I picked the "Lego" part because I liked lego, "Link" because I was a big fan of the legend of zelda, and "11" because that's how old I was when I made the username.


      Bob is my name, 2002 is my birth year, and 20 is my old soccer number, so Bob20020


      I love a series called the 39 Clues, and Lucian is one of the branches of the family in the books. I took some online tests, and that's the branch that I got. The Lucian crest is red, so Scarlett. And my initials are SL.


      I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and studying French around the same time, and the game has a French inspired area called Orlais. Though, now that I’m not studying French, it’s kind of ill-fitting.


      I am a German who likes to eat Murasaki imo ice. That is why i called myself Kartoffeleis (potato ice cream).

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