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Problem in an exercise - couldn't report properly.

I made a report, but since Japanese is not on the website all I could say was "there is a problem" without explaining it, and there doesn't seem to be a forum for the Japanese course (unless anyone can point me in the right direction). I haven't seen any threads about the Japanese course, either... so I don't have a clue where to put this or who to contact.

中 on its own is being spoken as なか but is expected to be correctly linked to a different reading, as ちゅう. I think it's because 中国 meaning Chinese uses the second reading, but the reading for 中 on its own (or one of them?) is なか. The software is linking 中 to a set of hiragana that don't match the pronunciation. I kept noticing this, and thought it was my mistake, but I looked extra carefully today and it's definitely saying なか when the hiragana on the screen are ちゅう. (I'd post a screencap except that photobucket are no longer doing third party hosting and I haven't got something else set up yet.)

If there's a better place I could move this to or somewhere off of DL where I could better contact the people behind the course. This confused me a lot and I'm a reasonably experienced linguist with some basic understanding of how Japanese works/that you can have wildly different readings of the same character, so I can imagine it would be very confusing for people who are coming to it without any background.

August 3, 2017



The Japanese forum is here.


THANK YOU! For some reason it didn't appear in my list to subscribe to, I didn't get automatically subscribed for joining the course (which usually seems to happen) and eventually I just figured it didn't exist!

Huh, it's still not giving me the option to move it to the Japanese forum, but this is a step in the right direction anyhow. Thank you!


Yes, in the course are still many flaws and this is one of them. You will encounter it mainly on the different kanji readings and there are many posts (also from myself) in the Japanese from English forum about this and many other issues.


I'm glad it wasn't just me misunderstanding something to be honest. Now I actually know where the Japanese forum is, so that's great! :D


It's possible for you to change this message to the Japanese forum by changing the topic on the upper left of the page. Thanks for pointing out this issue.


I tried, I can't scroll down to Japanese for some reason - it's being a pain!


That's odd. If Japanese is in your list of subscriptions, you should be able to see it in the drop-down list for the topic. Are you on the website or the app?


On the website; I'm on iOS, though, for some reason I can't scroll down. I tried unsubscribing from a bunch of fora on the assumption it would make the list shorter (and I might not have to scroll), but it didn't work.

I suspect I need to be on an actual laptop or other computer, but I haven't turned mine on in weeks!

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