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Famous Ukrainian pop songs?

Hi everybody!

I was looking for a discussion on Duolingo about pop songs in Ukrainian, but I didn't found anything like that. So, do you know some popular songs? I just know Злата Огневич, Ані Лорак, Джамала and Вєрка Сердючка who are true Ukrainian (well, as I heard, Zlata isn't whole Ukrainian), if I'm not mistaken. But they sing mostly in Russian.

What can you recommend me?

Thanks in advance! Дуже дякую!

August 3, 2017



I am not sure if this is what your looking for, and this is the only ukranian song ive ever heard, here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOTh59OlLoU&list=LLDnLx97eXMlNq82vBefsk2A&index=14


This song is great, thank you! It even contains lyrics! Brilliant!


(I wanted to make a discussion about my favorite Ukrainian songs, with some pop also. When I make it, I'll update this with the post.)

ONUKA - freaking amazing band. Combines techno-popy electronic with traditional Ukrainian instruments. Plus, the lyrics are generally easy to understand.

Misto, Zavtra, Vidlik, Svitanok

Світлана Тарабарова - Just started listening to her, but has a great pop, catchy tune and easily known lyrics.

Добре з тобою

Khrystyna Soloviy - Again, just started listening to her, but soo good. A little bit harder and richer lyrics.


Хто, як не ти?

Have fun!


Wow! Thanks a lot for your effort! I heard the first time about ONUKA at this years Eurovision Song Contest! :D How can you find so many songs or artists? I was searching on Wikipedia, but I found nothing.


Looots of time and experience! I found Світлана from an Ukrainian radio's Facebook and Khrystyna from here, Duolingo.

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Without recommending you anything in particular, here are a few playlists created by youtube users:



As for me, if we talk about pop music, I like Лама and Океан Ельзи.


Marvellous! The first song is awesome and the second is really, really beautiful! But it's surely because of the pretty much beautiful Ukrainian language! ;) Дуже дякую!


No one has mentioned the queen of Ukrainian pop? RUSLANA! She releases most of her songs with Ukrainian and English versions, the fun part is seeing where they differ, because they are not direct translations.

I'm not sure why you think Jamala sings mostly in Russian? She has more English songs than any other language, and most of her recent music has been in Ukrainian or English.

Okean Elzy are also good.


Oh! I inadvertently mixed up the songs from Ruslana with Jamala! But yes, you're correct. Ruslana has an impressive voice. :)


Можете також спробувати українське радіо http://krainafm.com.ua Здається, в них 100% україномовної поп-музики


Прекрасно! Дуже, дуже дякую!


Спробуйте "Воплі Відоплясова", "Бумбокс", "Тінь Сонця", "Тартак" :-)


Дякую, але мені не подобається рок... Вибачте. :(


hey I am from ukraine I can advise you pianoboy, океан ельзи, бумбокс they all have both russian and ukrainian songs


I am from Poland and I love Okean Elzy too.

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