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  5. "C'est au-delà de mes forces."

"C'est au-delà de mes forces."

Translation:It is beyond my strengths.

March 8, 2013



Would "It is beyond my control" be an appropriate translation?


I'd argue it should be since it's the identical sentiment i.e. not having the capability of affecting something


Duo accepts this now.


I think so...anyone who actually knows?


I would agree with you that "It is beyond my control" should work, but I just tried it and Duo marked it as wrong.


Why is "it is beyond my powers" wrong?


I don't think it's wrong, as the English sentence "It is beyond my forces" is given as a translation, and 'forces' and 'powers' are synonymous here. It's probably just an oversight, but hey, thinking about it will help you to better remember it!


Yes, I reported it as a translation that should be accepted. 'It is beyond my powers' is a better translation into English idiom.


Perhaps you should try with "It's beyond my power.", rather than using strange plural form "powers" within this context.


Huh, I also answered like you did. I personally don't see why it's wrong, but I suppose we'll have to wait to hear from a French speaker.


Was marked as correct for me.


Duolingo gave me the new word "force" on this question. Then I mouse over it to see my options as I have not been shown this word yet. All of the options they show me are incorrect in the answer. That is annoying. Just wanted to vent


Same thing as the other comment. This hasn't been fixed yet.


Does this mean the same as "It is outside my power"?


Does this sentence mean that it is beyond my strength or out of my hands? Does it mean there is a physical object you cannot move or it is a circumstance that you cannot change?

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It is giving the sense that it is beyond my strength, beyond my capability. So it could be literally something physical but I think it would normally be applied to some objective which is seen as unachievable by the person speaking. In that sense the idea that "it is out of my hands" could also be a legitimate interpretation.


I disagree. I feel "out of my hands" includes someone elses hands taking over, while "out of my control" or "beyond my power" don't imply this other person. (I'm not native, though)

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The idea that control over the situation has shifted to someone with more power or authority is certainly a possibility although that subtlety is not key to understanding the statement, C'est au-delà de mes forces. It is only saying that "I'm powerless to do anything about it" or "It's beyond my pay grade (authority)", etc. It could be for any number of unspoken reasons about which we can only theorize. "It's out of my hands" is essentially the classic "brush-off" for someone who, for whatever reason, will not give you what you want. I am not saying it is the best way to translate this because it is not a translation, it is an interpretation, as I said in my original post.


it is beyond me should be right!


I did use "powers". "strengths" might mean "strong points" because otherwise it becomes nonsense in my opinion.


"Aller au delà de ses forces" = "To go beyond or exceed one's strength". Source: Collins Robert French Dictionary

I think the French word "force" is more likely to be take literally as (physical) strength. If you want to talk about metaphorical power, the word to use is "pouvoir".


@ 1 km: I first thought to translate "beyond my strength" (singular). Knowing Duolingo I searched for a plural acceptable in this phrase, "strengths" not being one of them. I see that your translation uses the singular which means I was thinking along the right lines. Now we only have to convince the owl.


Is this a quote from Les Liaisons Dangereuses? Because I saw it and immediately used "control", incorrectly, it seems. :-/


"It is outside of my forces" should be right. Outside, beyond, same thing na?


Interesting translation: " ... ce n'est pas au-delà de mes forces que de me répandre en larmes ... " = " ... I have been known to cry ..." found in the Canadian Parliament's Hansard reports. As these are official transcripts and Canada is officially bilingual, I think we must accept that this phrase can be translated in all sorts of idiomatic ways, as well as the literal. In other words there is no one correct translation, particularly for a fragment like this when taken out of context.


I think 'beyond my control' has a very different meaning. It takes the emph weird asis off one's own strengths or abilities (ie a personal attribution in psychology, to be technical) to something external (ie an external attribution). 'Beyond my strengths' is weird in English, where I think it would be 'beyond my abilities' which is accepted.


"It's out of my hands," seems like it would be a good idiomatic translation.

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