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Duolingo used to be better

I don't know if you guys think the same, but i miss things like the tips and notes beeing available while doing the exercises and when a click on the discussion button wouldn't open a new tab on the browser. I know that it doesn't seem much, but now that they take it off i've realized it make so much difference, it was simply more practical and convenient. It used to be all there throughout the exercise, "tips and notes" and "discussion" at the same tab. Now i need to open three duolingo tabs to have the same experience. Can anyone explain why get rid of such a convenient mechanics of tips and discussion at the same tab?

August 3, 2017



The old website was better ?

  • The old website had awful crashes!
    Please be happy with the very quick rewrite of the most important part of Duolingo's web version, the skill tree. The rest is following, but that takes a lot of time.

  • There have never been "Tips and notes" in the Apps.
    The "Tips and notes" are still availlable in Duolingo's web version in the Desktop mode of your browser.
    When you are using www.duolingo.com on a tablet or phone, you have to switch your browser from "mobile mode" to "desktop mode" to see them.
    You can still excercise your skills in another tab in the mobile mode.

.... when a click on the discussion button wouldn't open a new tab on the browser

"Discussions open in a new tab" was the wish of a lot of people. And they are very glad with it, although it it too slow at the moment.

Can anyone explain why get rid of such a convenient mechanics of tips and discussion at the same tab?

The skill tree is written in the new code. All the other features are still on the old code. Duolingo's staff is very busy to write it (in a newer, better form?) in the new code.

For all your other questions and complaints ..........
Please, read the anouncements of Duolingo's staff in the Discussion forums. You can read an overview in the Duolingo Help Center web page "Duolingo's New Website"


I miss this feature, too. It encouraged me to review the Tips and Notes frequently, so I learned the grammar rules well.

Now we have to open a second tab for Duolingo and keep it set at the skill whose Tips and Notes we're trying to master, referring over to it during a practice as needed. Just clicking on the button to see Tips and Notes was much quicker and helped me to stay focused on the material I was doing.

I can handle the change but think it makes the website less functional.


Tips and notes are still available on the website and you can learn more by using that rather than the app.


He means during a lesson you could open tips and notes in the top left corner.


Yes, i don't actually use the app.


I personally never used the tips and notes during a lesson because if I had the answers right there every time then sure I would get less incorrect answers but I wouldnt learn nearly as much


and when a click on the discussion button wouldn't open a new tab on the browser.

Yes! This annoys me too! I just want a quick pop-up which I can close simply by tapping "Esc". If I'm not careful when closing the tabs, sometimes I end up accidentally closing the practice session tab, losing my progress and having to start the round from the beginning again. Definitely irritating. :/

I've been thinking about trying to make a userscript to recreate the old site version of the discussion button function... but I'm too lazy to get around to it! Anyone else feel like having a go at making it? XD

Luckily this only affects me when I'm on my other account doing the JA→EN course. I'm spending most of my time on my current account instead, doing EN→JA course, which is still on the old site code!

In some ways, I hope they never get around to releasing the EN→JA course on web officially, since I don't want it to change to the new site code... I like my pop-up sentence discussions, review lesson feature at the end of rounds, the "progress quiz" feature still working,... I don't want to lose these. ^^;


The review lesson feature has been back for a while now on the new site.


Duolingo is retarded. They're slowly monetizing the entire platform after years of refusing donations, in the most heinous way possible. In the app if you make 5 mistakes you have to wait 5 hours for more "strength" to continue... OR pay $5

After this they removed streams/friends. They're pretending like they're improving it or some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, no idea tbh...

Panic learn on desktop before they ruin this too. Be glad it's barely here and at least you can still learn at your own pace!


Regarding the matter of discussions-in-new-tab, it seems it largely breaks down thus:

  • do a lot of timed practice: like it
  • rarely do timed practice: don't like it

Personally I've rarely if ever inadvertently closed a tab I was doing lessons in, but many times I innocently clicked on a link in the old discussion pop-ups only to lose my lesson progress that way.


I'm not sure why that is thought to be preferable for timed practice. Is it because the sentence discussion tabs can be ignored until the round is over, and then each one can be read in turn at leisure?

The problem I see with this is that the new tabs open in the foreground as the active tab, while the practice timer is still ticking away in the background tab. This means every time the sentence discussion button is clicked, we then have to quickly Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Tab until the practice tab is back in focus in the foreground.

Often the only reason I want to look at the sentence discussion is to see what the default example answer would have been, since this isn't automatically shown after answering.

If it were to open the new tabs in the background instead, then yeah, I think I'd actually like that for timed practice. (This seems like another thing a userscript can hopefully sort out.) ^^


Is it because the sentence discussion tabs can be ignored until the round is over, and then each one can be read in turn at leisure?


I think changing it to be in the background would indeed be more popular. I think the reason it still has a good number of fans is that if the discussion opens as a pop-out in the current tab, then you're just stuck as far as the timer goes. At least if it's in another tab, you can just switch back to the exercise tab.

There's also the big advantage of actually being able to use the Duolingo Dictionary feature when the discussion is opened in its own tab. Under the old site I would often have to Google search sentences out of the review pane in hopes of getting the discussion as a whole webpage instead of a pop-out just to see if there was something useful I could get from the Dictionary.

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