Duolingo は、言語学習において世界でもっとも人気のある方法です。なによりも、完全に無料です。



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あなたの英会話をアップグレードしてみませんか? イディオムを使うと、会話の印象がグッと変わります。

イディオム 意味
a blessing in disguise 不幸に見えるが、実はあとで幸運となる事態や経験。
例文 – Losing that job was a blessing in disguise.
I am so much happier at my new job!
a dime a dozen ありふれた/あり余る程ある
例文 – I’ve never seen that animal, what is it called?
– It’s a ferret. They’re a dime a dozen where I grew up.
beat around the bush 遠まわしに言う/探りを入れる/要点に触れない
例文 – Don’t beat around the bush, Jim.
Tell me what you want.
better late than never 遅くても、来ない/しないよりはまし
例文 – Hi Mary, sorry for the delay.
– No problem, Dave. Better late than never.
break a leg 成功しますように
例文 – I have a big presentation at work today.
– I’m sure you’ll do fine. Break a leg.
call it a day 今日はこれで切り上げる
例文 – Let’s call it a day and continue tomorrow.
cut (somebody) some slack 大目に見る
例文 – I can’t believe you still haven’t finished your book report.
Cut me some slack, I’ve been sick for a week!
easy does it ゆっくり慎重にやる
例文 Easy does it, don’t try to do everything at once.
get out of hand 手に負えない
例文 – The situation will get out of hand if you don’t fix it now.
get (somebody’s) act together しっかりする
例文 – You better get your act together, or I will fire you!
hang in there 諦めないで頑張って
例文 Hang in there, Mike. I’m sure things will get better.
hit the sack 寝る
例文 I have an early meeting, so I’m going to hit the sack.
to make a long story short 要するに
例文 – Why did the restaurant close?
– Well, to make a long story short,
the owners didn’t get along very well.
under the weather 体調が良くない
例文 I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.
on the ball 抜け目ない
例文 – how is the new manager doing?
– Very well. She seems really on the ball.
pull (someone's) leg (誰かを)からかう
例文 – Is Jen really moving to New York?
– No, she’s just pulling your leg!
pull yourself together しっかりする
例文 Pull yourself together and stop acting like a child!
so far so good 今のところ順調
例文 – How is the new project going?
So far so good.
speak of the devil うわさをすれば(影)
例文 – Hello, everyone!
Speak of the devil, we were just talking about you!
that is/was the last straw 我慢の限界
例文 That was the last straw, Jim. You’re fired!
to get bent out of shape 不機嫌になる
例文 – He got all bent out of shape, just because he lost.
you can say that again 本当、その通り
例文 – He is the best soccer player ever.
You can say that again!
your guess is as good as mine 私も分からない
例文 – Will they cancel the event because of the rain?
Your guess is as good as mine.
a penny for your thoughts 何考えているの?
例文 – You look worried. A penny for your thoughts?
add insult to injury 泣きっ面に蜂
例文 – She stepped on my foot and, to add insult to injury,
she said I was faking the pain.
by the skin of your teeth かろうじて
例文 – You passed the class by the skin of your teeth.
don't give up your day job ちょっと向いてないかな
例文 – What did you think of my painting?
- Don't give up your day job.
to have bigger fish to fry もっと他に大事なことがある。
例文 – What should we do about this problem?
– Don’t worry about that now, we have bigger fish to fry.
hit the nail on the head まさに核心をつく
例文 You hit the nail on the head when you said
this company needs to stop wasting money.
a piece of cake 朝飯前/簡単
例文 – This homework assignment was a piece of cake.
let the cat out of the bag 秘密をもらす
例文 – Come on, Kevin, let the cat out of the bag!
– Sorry, I can’t. I promised Jane I wouldn’t tell anyone.
once in a blue moon ごくまれに
例文 – He never visits me, and he calls once in a blue moon.
take a rain check またの機会に/また今度
例文 – Would you like to come to the museum with us?
– Thanks, but I’ll take a rain check.