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Need some expert help with "selon toi vs selon te".

At https://www.duolingo.com/comment/790838,

"According to you, it is yellow."

Dl accepts Translation: Selon toi, c'est jaune.

My question: why not "selon tu."

I know "toi" is a stressed pronoun. But I just want to understand why not "selon tu" instead of just accepting that it needs a stressed pronoun.

additionally, why not "selon à toi". because at https://www.thoughtco.com/french-indirect-objects-1368865, in "I'm talking to her = Je lui parle, à elle" , elle follows "à".

August 3, 2017



'Tu' can only be used before a verb.

Why not 'selon à toi'? Because 'selon' means 'according to', so 'selon à' would mean 'according to to'. Not good. :)


Because after conjunctions and prepositions you have to use the stressed pronouns.



In the title you put 'vs selon te'. You can't have selon te because 'te' is only used with reflexive verbs so 'te' must be followed by a verb, e.g. 'Je t'aime' ( je te aime) = I love you.

I hop this partly answers your question


I am asking about this case in particular.

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