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  5. "They would like water!"

"They would like water!"

Translation:Wanaomba maji!

August 3, 2017



Why does it not recognize the conditional? I used "Wangependa maji."


The conditional requires a conditional clause and a main clause. "If there is nothing else to drink (cond.), they would like water (main)".

Since there is no conditional clause, conditional tense does not work here.

ETA: Just realised my example would still be translated as -omba, not the -penda used in your sentence. How about "if they were able to swim, they would like water," which I believe is wangeweza kuogelea, wangependa maji.


Kuomba is to ask, kupenda is to like/ love so I feel like this sentence is incorrect


there are many ways to interpret the same thing, the translations won't always be that direct. Even when you're requesting something for yourself, you can say "Ninaomba..." because it's considered more polite (less "entitled")

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